Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Literary Lacquers: 2014 Community Collection!

Today I have a photo heavy post from one of my favorite indies, Literary Lacquers!

This year's holiday collection is the Community Collection, a group of 8 polishes that were made in collaboration with bloggers and polished obsessed ladies. This is actually the 2nd Annual Community Collection - you can see reviews of last year's collection HERE, and many of those polishes are still available (including my beautiful Waltz!).

*This year, if you purchase a certain amount, you receive either a full size or mini of I Heard The Bells, a gorgeous gold/copper/bronze holo that is just amazing. Pics at the very end, so make sure to scroll all the way down!*

Group shot of this year's Community Collection:


I do have some favorites but I'll reserve that for the end and review in order of the pic above.

Needless to say, they are all gorgeous and have the typical Literary Lacquers perfect application and formula.  I used 3 coats, no topcoat, for each of the swatches you see below. Dry time is fine, application just fluid and perfect!  Time for pics!

First up, this is The Ruby Thief.  Designed by Jenne of Polished Pathology – Inspired by Dinosaurs in the Attic , a ruby pink glass fleck shimmer.  I love how it takes on different colors, blue, red, pink, gold.  Really pretty:


20141124_203904     20141124_203924



Next, Porco Rosso, designed by Schette of Schette EssaisBeauté, Inspired by Porco Rosso, this is a deep red linear holo with taupe and gold flakies.


20141124_201915     20141124_201847


Fallen Tributes is a darkened almost denim blue holo. Designed by Jennifer of 4Boys1Mom Lacquer and inspired by The Hunger Games, this polish features gold flakes and copper shimmer, too.


20141124_192631     20141124_192540


Always Winter, Never Christmas is an icy blue holo with extra holo glitters. It was created by the Mercurial Magpie, inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Oh, my, goodness. You have to see this in person. It's so holo it almost glows.


20141124_200058     20141124_200102



Effie's Trinket is another favorite for me! The color is similar, not the same, to my Waltz. If you love orchid and Lit Lacq, you do need both! It was created by Heather Tharp and inspired by The Hunger Games, too.


20141124_205336     20141124_205351


Grasshopper With Cotton Candy Hair is one of the most stunning green polishes I have ever seen! Created by the fab Cate and inspired by The Dresden Files, this is a must have for green lovers.


20141124_211624     20141124_211617


Lurid Fog is an intense shade! It's grey, it's purple, it's grey, it's purple! xoxo, Jen created the shade and it was inspired by The New Grub Street.


20141124_194732     20141124_194729


Attic Mice is a gorgeous grey. Inspired by Flowers In The Attic and created by Jess Moore, this is just a soft, subtle, work-friendly, gorgeous shade.


20141124_193502     20141124_193456


Amy is also offering some Black Friday specials - and based on the pictures of I Heard The Bells, I am telling you, you don't want to miss a chance to snag this polish.


LE Gift with Purchase from 11/28-12.7: A $24 purchase will get a free mini of the LE "I Heard the Bells", a $48 purchase will get a full size.

Purchases over $80 will get free US shipping with code BLACKFRIDAY2014 or $5 off international shipping with code INTERNATIONAL2014!

Of course, you want to see the LE, righhhht? Right! This is I Heard The Bells, inspired by the Christmas poem of the same name:


20141124_200916     20141124_200846


Mark your calendars for Friday, November 28!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scented Nail Polish! Revlon: Gumdrop!

This is a post from the archives, but even as the temps drop, I promise to keep posting bright, girly, spring-y colors! LOL. I still can't deal with the cold...still don't care about leaves turning...sigh. Give me flowers, blooming gardens, and sunshine any time!

With that in mind, check out one of Revlon's scented polishes.  This is Gumdrop!


The original Revlon scented line, for the few I have, is actually pretty nice.  The scents are fairly true-to-life and not overpowering.  The creme formula is nice, builds up in two coats to full opacity.  This is two coats with topcoat and it smells nice!

20140125_153611     20140125_153608

Couple more shots!  Honestly, I am not sure if Revlon is making more of these or not...I think it's only the new square bottles.  I found this at Odd Job Lot for just a couple dollars. If you spot any at discount places, I suggest snagging a couple.



What do you think? Do you wear only seasonal colors or do you rock your favorites all year long?

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

OPI This Gown Needs A Crown - Miss Universe 2013 Collection

Hello!  Today I have a polish from OPI's Miss Universe 2013 collection called This Gown Needs A Crown.

 OPI released a trio of polishes in November 2013 to celebrate the Miss Universe pageant.  I picked up only one, This Gown Needs A Crown, and swatched it a while ago...but I am just getting around to showing it to you now!

Let's take a look:


This is three thin coats of TGNAC.  The bottle came with an adorable little crown charm, isn't that sweet?

You may be thinking that metallics, silvers, and golds are pretty scare around MBHM, and you're right!  Metallics are usually guilty of my least favorite polish characteristic - visible brush strokes!! UGH!  But, take a closer look:

20140122_210235     20140122_210206

No brush strokes!  This goes on really nicely and builds up well without streaking or brush strokes.  Hallelujah!


20140122_210016     20140122_210112

Pretty, isn't it?

I will def grab this polish again, which I don't say for many silver polishes in my collection!  I don't think this made it to OPI's core collection but I am sure you can find it on amazon, ebay, or in polish sales groups on Facebook.

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