Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 Empties and Tossed Report Totals!

Now this is the end of year post I was waiting for. As you know, I have been keep tracking of all products that I used up, not only to track waste but also keep track of what I like and dislike for future shopping purposes.

A few months into 2018, I also started to*t.out. Let it go! If I didn't love it, didn't use it, and it was taking up space, I tried (emphasis on the tried) to toss it. I aimed for at least 5 old products per month, and I was more than successful.

Let me show you what I used up and what I tossed out in December!


I tossed 29 products! Some, below, definitely deserve a mention and a repurchase.


Lancome's Bi-Facil Makeup Remover works so incredibly well, but don't forget to shake it to activate it first! I already mentioned Strivectin's Neck Tightening Creme in my Favorite's post, as well as MILK Makeup's Blur Stick and Juice Beauty's Stem Celluar CC Creme! No.7 also does a great Face & Neck Multi Action Serum product for a much lesser price point. Lioele Auto Eyebrow in dark brown is pretty much a staple for me at this point. Essence All About Matt is a summer favorite for me but I need something less talc-y in winter. La Roche Posay Lipkar Balm is awesome but apparently it is for body, not face? Oops! Smashbox Super Fan Mascara is also great but I will certainly try other brands before a repurchase, including the 4 I already have. (Oops!). Lastly, Simple Micellar Water has a great price point and is effective and soothing.

My packet use was quite lax:


You already know how much I love the very spendy Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask hence the packet purchases!

I went a little overboard on the Tossed portion. Does anyone else feel purgey at the end of the year?


I tossed face cleansers that were awful, crummy makeup applicators, eyeshadows so old I don't remember when I purchased them, and hair products that were taking up space. In total, 21 items made their way off my shelf and into my recyclables.

Month of December: 

Totals: 29 items, full or deluxe sized / 1 packets or samples / 21 items thrown out

So, time for the grand finale:

Empties Report Year to Date: 250 items / 104 packets 

Tossed Year to Date: 174 items

Here is to a beautiful 2019!


Thursday, January 3, 2019

December 2018: Favorites & Flops

Quick posts for you as I am already behind the 8-ball, date and time wise. Let's wrap up 2018 considering it is already Jan 3!

First, the Favorites: 


My new favorite thing is my Morphe M527, the deluxe powder brush. It sets finishing powder - my Makeup Revolution Luxury Baking Powder in Lace (yep, bought it for the name but LOVE it!) perfectly. You can literally feel the Strivectin Tightening Neck Cream working - it is that good. MILK Makeup's Blur Stick is perfect as a no foundation day makeup but also the perfect primer. Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular CC Cream in Desert Glow was a shade too dark for me but the formula is perfect and will certainly be a repurchase in the future.

Time for the end of year Flops:


Are you as surprised as I am that Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Recovery lotion ended up on the bad list? It stung, it smelled awful, it dried my skin, and it didn't play well with my other skin products. This ended up on my feet, where all bad lotion products go to die. The LA Girl Fiber Lash Mascara seemed promising but ended up a clumpy nightmare. Bye, bye.


Friday, December 21, 2018

Soap Bars & Solid Shampoo From Haípažaža Pȟežúta

Hello there!

Before December ends and the monthly posts begin, I wanted to take a moment to shout out a small business in New Mexico that is offering amazing products and a company that you should definitely check out!

One of my NYE resolutions this year is to reduce waste. As much as I can, I want to eliminate single use plastics, like straws and plastic grocery bags. I am going to refuse a bag when I don't really need one. I am going to try not to use makeup wipes also, which will probably be my toughest challenge.

Another thing I want to do is try to use solid shampoo and conditioner bars and more bar soaps instead of shower gels and shampoos in plastic bottles. It might seem like a small step, but if everyone does a small step, it leads to big results.

Also - I want to support more small businesses in 2019 - something I try to do more and more every year.

Anyway, here we are!  My friend Karen recommended Haípažaža pȟežúta soaps on Facebook and I had to give them a try! I ordered two Sweet Grass (left) and two Cedar Wood bars (right) to give as gifts...well, 3 of them. One is for me :)


Talk about all natural - these soaps are literally hand made. On the website and in Facebook posts, I've read the following: "This handcrafted soap and shampoo bar is made without any coconut oil. In this Luxurious bar you will find skin loving ingredients such as RSPO Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Tallow, Greek Yogurt, Lye, and Kaolin Clay. This bar is guaranteed to treat your skin with it's all natural ingredients, along with giving you a smooth, rich creamy lather, loads of bubbles, and leaving your skin feeling extremely moisturized. Enjoy this long lasting bar. We make all of our soaps by hand and in small batches, so the picture above shows a visual representation of how your bar will look. Keep in mind that each bar is unique and the color, shape, and design may be different from bar to bar and batch to batch. This soap is also gentle enough to be used on your precious little ones." This blurb was taken from the description of a new soap in Bubblegum flavor!


In addition to my purchase, I was sent a few complimentary samples to try and they are all impressive! The Lavendar one is light and aromatic. The Aloha Waikiki is extra moisturizing and smells like vacation, as does the Coconut bar. Each has a good weight, smells delightful but not overpowering, and can be used on the body, in your hair, and on your baby (if you have one...might not want to try it on someone else's baby...).


Check out the full line of products HERE and let her know Lacey sent you.

Support small businesses!


Thursday, December 13, 2018

November 2018: Empties & Tossed Report

I began the first half of the month with nothing in my Empties bucket, but by the end of the month I was out of everything! I ended up with 23 full size empty products..that's quite a bit! Let me show you:


There are quite a few notable and standout products this month:

  • Garnier Micellar Water Cleanser is amazing! 
  • Glisten&Glow Topcoat is the only topcoat I use. 
  • SugarBearHair Gummies taste great and actually work. 
  • Touch In Sol No Pore-Blem is a must have primer. 
  • Too Faced Matte Soliel Bronzers are cult favorites for good reasons! 
  • My NARS Climax Mascara is new and amazing, the brush is great. 
  • Dear Klairs Supple Prep Toner is my favorite product of 2018. 
  • Lumify Eye Drops are expensive but worth it as well.


As far as packets go, I only used two Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Masks, though it takes me 2 or 3 uses to finish a packet anyway. And thank goodness for that, they are expensive!


And my throwing our efforts went to nails and my old LUSH Cosmetics stash. I don't live in a place with a bathtub, so no use hanging on to these. I threw out a few bombs, couple of half used soaps, and a bunch of nail polish treatments/base coats that I wont use. See ya!


Month of November: 

Totals: 23 items, full or deluxe sized / 2 packets or samples / 12 items thrown out

Empties Report Year to Date: 221 items / 103 packets
Thrown out Year to Date: 153 items

Wow.. the numbers are getting a little out of hand here! LOL.


Thursday, December 6, 2018

November 2018: Favorites & Flops


Can you believe it is December already?! There is literally less than a month until Christmas!

Let me show you what I loved - and didn't love - in November!



I know I have proclaimed my love for Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner umpteen times on this blog. In fact, I will go out on a limb to say it is my favorite product of 2018!! I use it daily, and sometimes 7 times (skins in KB) in a row! My winter skin is doing just fine with Klairs!

My eyes are also feeling very hydrated thanks to Exuviance Hydrating Eye Cream, which is a super drink of water for your under-eyes. My Ulta co-worker, Mary, suggested tapping eye cream on with your ring finger b/c it is the least pressurized, so I've been doing that.

Smashbox Super Fan Mascara is lovely! It gives you those wide-awake, spider-lashes without it looking wonky or clumpy.

I picked up the Morphe M173 Mini Buffer Brush to do contour, but I've also been using it for blush, highlighter, and even to do my brow bone. It's super soft and the price is right. Check out Morphe brushes if you're in the market! Check it out below.

Last but not least, Kylie Cosmetics Charm Velvet Liquid Lipstick is amazing. I SAID IT. Kylie recently came to Ulta and to be honest, it's cool to get to check out the brand in real life and test the colors. Since ColourPop oxidizes like crazy on me, I decided to skip buying makeup online. Now that Kylie is in store, I get to try colors. Charm is a lovely pinky nude that is guaranteed to look good on anyone. The Velvet lip formula is creamy and - I promise - NOT drying. Try it! Swatched below!



Time to report my one and only Flop:


It is no wonder that I found Yes To Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser at Odd Job Lot, not a drugstore or Ulta. It does NOT rinse clean! I feel like I have a weird mask on my skin after I rinse. Totally not what I am going for on my face.

On the other hand, it is pretty creamy and works nicely on my body.  So, it is a flop because it doesn't do the job intended, but it is fine as a shower gel. Womp, womp.

Do you have any new favorites or flops to share?!


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Zoya Winter Gifts!! Holiday 2018

Zoya has some awesome Holiday 2018 gift sets!

Go to Zoya Gift Sets! to see the complete listing, but let me show you a few things first.

First, here is the super generous PR package I was sent:


Zoya has created gift sets for literally everyone. You can snag a lip stick/lip balm duo, a 4 pack of coordinating polishes, or even a Zoya Naked Manicure kit, complete with base coat, topcoat, and a couple perfectors in between for a complete manicure.


Polish Quads are listed HERE. Above, I have Merry and Bright (upper left), All Wrapped Up (upper right), All Snuggled Up (bottom left), and Happy Holo-Days (bottom right). The four polishes come in the box for easy gifting. Each one is $30, which is like a 25% discount from the retail price. Nice!


If colored polish isn't your jam, there are also Naked Manicure Gift Sets to perfect your natural nails. You can see other options HERE, but I received the Naked Manicure Women's Travel Kit, complete with deluxe sample sized bottles of the topcoat, base coat, and pink and lavender perfectors. The purple helps neutralize stains - they knew who they were sending this to, I bet, LOL.

The Kissmas Hot Lips Quad is $24 and features four full size Hot Lips lip balms. Find that HERE!


Lastly, for the perfect stocking stuffer, check out these adorable lipstick and Hot Lips lip balm duos!


Here are descriptions of all 6, which are $15 each:

  • Zoya Holly Days Duo - includes a full-sized Zoya Hot Lips in Hocus Pocus and one Matte Velvet Red Lipstick
  • Zoya Belive In Magic Duo - includes a full-sized Zoya Hot Lips in Entourage and one Paisley Lipstick
  • Zoya Snow Kissed Duo - includes a full-sized Zoya Hot Lips in Luck and one Addie Lipstick
  • Zoya All That Glitters Duo - includes a full-sized Zoya Hot Lips in Blog and one Lucky Lipstick
  • Zoya Fun & Frosty Duo - includes a full-sized Zoya Hot Lips in Anonymous and one Candace Lipstick
  • Zoya Taste Of Winter Duo - includes a full-sized Zoya Hot Lips in Starlet and one Bristol Lipstick
And there you have it! I have already gifted a few items to friends and am looking forward to hearing how much people love their Zoya gifts. What will you be grabbing this season?


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Zoya Z-Wide Brush - Initials Thoughts

Hello there!

Zoya sent out a beyond generous box (39, if you counted, which I did...and still wonder - why 39? There was even a piece of tissue in there that could've made it the even I the only one flustered by this?! Yes? Ok...carry on.) of the new Zoya Z-Wide brushes for me to try!

And since I can't possibly use 39 of them (I mean, I can, but why would I want to?), I sent out 10 to My Boyfriend Hates Makeup followers. They will get back to me with their thoughts and I will do a follow up review as I use this more, but I wanted to get a post up ASAP.

Want the spoiler alert now? I ALREADY LOVE THESE.

Let's take a look!
Well, Seth Freakin' Rollins got the first look!


So, it looks promising right off the bat! I have only used Morgan Taylor (hate the formula) and Nina Pro (brush is tooooooo wide) so I haven't had good experiences with wide brushes. Whatevs - past behind us, right?


On the box itself, they compare the size of the regular brush, on the right, to the new Z-Wide brush on the left. Big difference!


I decided to give this brush the ultimate test: a dark, potential cuticle (and life) staining DARK TEAL. (Cue evil laugh!) But, before I show you the mani itself, take a look at the brushes, the difference matches the photos on the box. Nice.


Scroll down a touch so you can see the mani pic and this comment, because I am ALL.ABOUT.THIS.BRUSH. Good job, Zoya! It seems oddly rough to the touch before you submerge it in your polish. I did a few test strokes on a piece of paper and it wasn't looking great. However, once the brush was saturated, my tune changed!

Looooooook at my clean, crisp mani! Did I even do that?! Yes, yes, I did. Woo hoo! The brush comes with the cap attached, so you can just swap it out in the bottle. This wide brush is absolutely living in this polish, which is Zoya Danica, BTW.

Unrelated, but I always wonder if polishes with celeb names (Danica, Teigen, etc) are a collab between person and Zoya, but wouldn't there be a bigger to-do if Chrissy or Nascar decided to collaborate with Zoya? And, if they have no idea until they see the polish, do they love or hate the color? For what it's worth, I hate the shade of the Lacey polish, but the other Lacey blogger (www.laceandlacquers) likes it, so I call it a draw.


Anyway, I already hope Zoya makes the jump to the Z-Wide brushes, but I look forward to updating you on what other people think, as well.

Have you tried the brush yet? What do you think?


2018 Empties and Tossed Report Totals!

Now this is the end of year post I was waiting for. As you know, I have been keep tracking of all products that I used up, not only to track...