Friday, February 12, 2016

January 2016 - Favorite Beauty Products


I am still thinking about where I want the blog to go this year. I am pretty sure I want to expand into beauty products in general since I love trying new things, I've been doing my nails a bit less, and I am currently obsessed with Lush Cosmetics.

One series I want to keep up on from here out is a Monthly Favorites type of post. I apologize for my January post coming in mid-Feb, I'll try to be better, LOL. Better late than never, right?

This month I have no favorite polishes to post, only beauty products. Behold:


Let me tell you a little about each one.

First up, I purchased this Lush Cosmetics African Paradise Body Conditioner in a Lush Facebook group. I couldn't resist! It smells soft, like almonds and clean laundry and happiness, LOL. Body conditioners are my favorite Lush item. You use them like a hair conditioner. After you clean your body, you smooth this on and rinse it off before you hop out of the shower. It leaves your skin silky soft and fragrant.


You probably already know about my current mask obsession! Living back in Connecticut, my skin is totally boycotting this harsh winter weather. This very affordable (like under $3) mask is meant to be used overnight. You can rinse of excess in the morning if desired, but I don't. It smells pleasant and is nice and thick.


Another splurge product is a lip balm, Christian Dior's Creme De Rose balm. It is super hydrating and smells faintly of roses. The rose scent is strong enough that if you're not a fan, you will definitely steer clear of this one, but if you like the scent, you'll love this product. This is another product that I like to use at night and wake up with pillowy (see what I did there?) soft lips.


Last but not least, an indie product! Ten Digit Creations is new to me this month. It was suggested by my Lush group peers as they make amazing Lush Dupe scents. I purchased Most Wanted, a Rose Jam dupe, in leave in conditioner and body mist, two products that Lush doesn't offer. The scent is pretty close to spot on and I love supporting small businesses when possible.

Check out Ten Digit Creations HERE!


Alright, that is all I have for you this month. What do you think of this series? What products are you loving this month?


Sunday, January 17, 2016

China Glaze 2015 Holiday Cheers Collection!

Hello there! Now that the holidays are over, I have a super busy January coming up. LOL, sometimes life just gets a little too chaotic. I am hoping to get back into a regular blogging schedule - and nail painting schedule - come February, but I am going to post a few sporadic posts to catch up with some press samples I have received.

Today I have the China Glaze Cheers collection, the 2015 holiday release. You can definitely still find these around, at Sallys, Ulta, even Rite Aid, so they are still relevant enough to show you. To get through my backlog of posts, I am going to post just one pic of each polish. Ready?

Mix and Mingle is a royal purple creme. Swatch shows two coats, no topcoat.


This is Brand Sparkin' New Year over Mix and Mingle. The base is tinted purple so I would layer it over something in the purple family or even black. I've seen swatches with no undies and it is a sheer jelly without a base.


Wine Down For What? is a maroon/wine creme polish. Application is great but watch out during removal - it stains!


Ugly Sweater Party is shown in two placed coats over Wine Down For What? It is similar too Brand Sparkin' in that it has a tinted base and looks best over a similar color.


Better Not Pout is a fuschia metallic. You probably already know how I feel about metallics that show streaks.


Bring On The Bubbly is a gold topper with a clear base, which means it looks good over everything. I am a firm believer that every polish lover (hoarder) needs an awesome gold topper for the holidays. This is shown over Better Not Pout. I should've picked a better base color.


Son of a Nutcracker is the least holiday feeling polish, in my opinion. This is a watermelon red with a pink shimmer that will look great with a tan!


Peppermint to Be is a red polish with shimmer. I feel like China Glaze includes a typical red with every holiday collection. This is not special to me but the application was nice.


I Soiree I Didn't Do It is a green tinted polish with green glitter. This is two coats over white. Obviously this has a tinted base so make sure to use it in the same color family. I wish this had more glitter payoff.


Coal Hands Warm Heart is a black glitter with black base. This is two coats over a black creme. This would be perfect for galaxy nails!


I have saved my favorite for last! Don't Get Elfed Up is a blackened teal glitter. This is just two coats and I got total coverage! This is a gorgeous polish.


Thank you for checking out this holiday collection a little late.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sinful Colors: Neon Splatter Nail Wraps

Has anyone seen these in stores?


I grabbed this package for, I think, under $3 during the summer months when Sinful also released those new (and not so great) neons. I bet these are to compete with Jamberry and all of the other full nail decals that are currently flooding the market. For the price, I had to try them!

Here is the full look:


The package boasts that these do not need heat or anything to seal them on. You simply pick the one that will fit your nail best and use tweezers to place them. You are supposed to just press them on the nail and then use clippers or a file to trim the free edge.

Sigh. Can I just cut to the chase and say I am not a fan?

Look how wrinkled the ends are:


Also, I have pretty normal to slightly thin nail beds but none of these were wide enough for my nails. There is a blank space on each side of each nail, too much for it to look on purpose or neat. See my middle finger? Especially bad fit there.


I wore them only for a couple days until I got frustrated and just peeled them off. I do not recommend these, unfortunately!

Have you tried them? Did you have a different experience?

Let me know!


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pahlish Last Rose of Summer & Nail Art

It is the last day of 2015! Where has the time gone? I am still working on my Favorites of 2015 post but in the meantime, let's end the year on MBHM with a gorgeous indie polish (pahlish, haha) and some nail art.

If you follow Pahlish on Facebook and IG, they announce limited batch releases that are oh so gorgeous. When I saw this beauty, Last Rose of Summer, it took me all of .5 seconds to add to my cart and check out.  Take a look:


LRoS is a creamy orchid polish with a subtle smattering of flakkies, one of the biggest new trends that we saw in the polish world in 2015. The formula was great! My index and pinky finger each have three coats that built well and dried fairly quickly.


On my middle and ring finger, I applied white polish, let that dry, then used striping tape to make an X across each nail.  The other color I used, I believe, was L'Oreal Masked Affair. Everything was topped with HK Girl.


Here are a macro photo in the sun! Love that holo!


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Zoya Whisper Collection

Christmas is over, it's almost the New Year, but Spring is still a long way away...especially here in New England. To capture this time of the year, Zoya has released a new, 6-piece "transitional" collection! Today's post is my review of the entire Whisper collection! Zoya says: "Experience color serenity with this muted and tranquil palette of transitional nail neutrals."

Group shot:


I am going to go in order of the photo above. Each swatch below is just two coats, no topcoat. The formula is the same for all 6: easy to work with, creme, self leveling, dries fairly quickly.

First up, this is April, which Zoya describes as "A light, rosy toned neutral that is a modern take on blush." Colors like this are easy to wear for anyone. It isn't the most original color but it is something everyone should have in their collection.



Next, Misty is a " An easy to wear taupe that is an updated version of gray with just a touch of green to make it daring." This is a greyish color that reminds me of Zoya Dove without the matte finish.



Cala is quite lovely, described as "A soft nude with a kiss of warmth that will flatter most skin tones." I love peach meets neutral colors like this. It reminds me of a muted version of my beloved Orly Prelude to a Kiss. I will definitely reach for this over and over.



There are also three more colorful polishes. Lake is a "A softened blue that gives the effect of serene water with just a hint of vibrancy to preserve its luminosity."



Ireland is my least favorite, honestly. It is described as "A uniquely wearable green that is muted enough to make it subtle yet still interesting. This green is well balanced between blue & yellow so it’s flattering on all skin tones." These pea green colors just don't agree with me. It is more yellow than it looks in the pics.



Last but not least, Eastyn is "a subtle grayed grape that is more interesting than mauve and gives a modern alternative that is ever so wearable." It is the most vibrant of the collection but still muted and subtle.



And there you have it! I do love Cala the best, I know I will wear that over and over. What do you think of this collection?

You can find Zoya:
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Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a happy and productive New Year!



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