Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glam Polish: Rose Dawn & Moonworks Emporium Decals

Pink and holo and Aussie and decals...oh maaaan, I am psyched for this post.  Picture first, then explanation!


This gorgeous pink creme holo shimmer ohmygawd polish is Rose Dawn from the Australian indie maker Glam Polish.  Seeeriously.  I have been lusting after this polish for a while now and was soo happy when my very good AU nail mail pal snagged it for me. (Thank you, Leeanne!!!!!!)


She also sent me some cool chevron decals, which I used Salon Perfect Sugar Cube as the base and Rose Dawn over top.

The monogram decals are custom made from Moonworks Emporium.  I ordered black and pink decals.  They aren't that easy to use...make sure your base color is dry, dry, DRY before attempting to adhere the decals.


I am loving the tone on tone detailing...I wore this for quite a few days, which is like forEVER in blogger days, hahaha. One more:


You can find Glam Polish:
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You can find Moonworks Emporium Decals:
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

New To Me Indie: Dragon Claw Polish - Toys Everywhere! Collection

Today I have posts from an indie company so new that the store isn't even open yet! Pre-orders from Dragon Claw Polish will begin on November 7th - but you can see swatching of one of the three premier collections right here and right now!

I was sent the 5 piece collection called Toys Everywhere! which is inspired by maker Janet's 7 children and her busy, happy, toy-filled home.  I am going to show you 4 of the 5 polishes today (which Janet tweaks the 5th a little bit). There are a couple knockout polishes in this collection so let's get to the pics!

Group shot:

First up, this is Chewy Rainbow Bands, a neon pink jelly with assorted rainbow glitters.  This polish is inspired by Janet's daughter who loves her Rainbow Loom...and her baby, who finds the discarded bands, LOL.  I used three coats alone for these swatches, with topcoat.


The jelly is squishy, sheer, and bright, everything you look for in a jelly.  The rainbow glitters come out of the polish easily.  Dry time is longer than a creme, but it's a jelly, so you already knew that!

20141013_212448     20141013_212511

I wanted to see this over a solid hot pink, so I put two coats over Nire's Desire unnamed pink creme.  I love how the neon glitters stand out on top of the pink. This is one bright mani!

20141013_213228     20141013_213221

Next, this polish is Crayons On My Wall, a delicate lilac that seems to change color to silver in certain lights.  It has a slight holo to it, too.  This is three thin coats with topcoat. The polish applies well and dries quickly. Nice!


The inspiration comes from the drawings and artwork that Janet saves and pins up on the wall.


20141013_203207     20141013_203246

The third polish I have to show you is called DonaRaphLeoAngelo, and I am sure you can figure out the inspiration for this one! This color shifter slides from maroon, green, silver, and even a blue in certain lights. I did three coats and topcoat for these swatches.  The formula is great, zero issues!


20141013_210647     20141013_210650


Last but not least, this is the standout of the collection, in my opinion, and my favorite, by far. Red Bouncy Ball is a squishy red jelly with a gorgeous gold shimmer.  I did three coats and topcoat for these swatches. The formula is excellent and it dried surprisingly quickly!


The inspiration comes from a favorite toy in Janet's house, which is red and lights up. The shimmer captures the inspiration perfectly!

20141013_204611     20141013_204618

Like the other jelly, I wanted to swatch this over a solid to capture the jelly and the sparkle. I used Orly Sweet Tart, which, to my surprise, is a jelly, too. I know this would look even more vibrant over a red creme but I had committed to this color, LOL.  Loove how vibrant this is over a solid red. This baby went on my Favorites shelf so I know to grab it again soon!

20141013_205629     20141013_205634

Remember, pre-order starts November 7th! My fave, by far, is Red Bouncy Ball. The shimmer is gorgeous, the jelly consistency is squishy and perfect, and this is just lovely for the upcoming holidays.

You can find Dragon Claw Polish:
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Knockout Lacquer - It's All Over! Red Holo Goodness!

Today I have the polish that brought me to Knockout Lacquer.  You've already seen KO on my blog before, with the 3 Beautifully Bruised trio polishes.

As I've mentioned before, the polishes are all based on MMA fighters, names, actions, and other MMA related terms.  In general, the names are all pretty bad ass! Also, check out the little boxing glove charm on the bottle - how cute is that?!

Today I have a RED holo for you called It's All Over!


You know, it seems pretty rare to see primary colors with such vibrant holos.  Usually, holo (spectraflair) will grey out a color and that's why we see unique holo shades instead of basic primary colors. NOT SO with It's All Over.  This shade is a vibrant cherry red.

20140613_173027     20140613_173058

I did three thin coats of It's All Over with topcoat.  No issues with application.  This baby is sure to get you noticed and plenty of nail compliments, too.

20140613_173004     20140613_173119

You can find It's All Over and Knockout Lacquer:
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Barielle - Fall 2014: Me Couture Collection!

Fall collections are in full swing from indies and mainstream companies alike!  Today I have the 6 piece Me Couture collection from Barielle.


According to the press release: "The Me Couture
Collection for Fall 2014 embraces the high fashion
colors for the season. It has a sophisticated palette
combination of retro and intense shades."

First up, this is Berry Posh, a deep berry shade that is perfect for fall and year round. This is two coats and topcoat:


Soho At Night is a muted purple, dusky, deep, and creamy. Two coats and topcoat is all you need:


Moda Bleu is a creamy navy that I know I'll reach for again and again. Two coats, topcoat, done:


Vintage Gown is a gorgeous neutral polish!  Unlike the others, it has a slightly cinnamon shimmer to it.


Taupe Notch is the polish I was most excited for!! I am all about grey this season, including my new favorite thing, a gel liquid eyeliner in a smoky grey. This is the polish I wish another mainstream company would've made..ahem... Anyway! This is two coats, topcoat, and pure perfection. Love this one!


Last but not least, this pretty forest green is Boho Chic, almost a deep jungle green. This is two coats and topcoat. Pretty for the season!


Aren't these lovely? Taupe Notch is my favorite, by far, with Berry Posh as a close second.

 You can find Barielle:
On the main site HERE
On Facebook HERE


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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Zoya Pixie Dust Dupe Post: Oswin v Chyna

Today's post will be super quick and short.  I didn't realize that these pics weren't up to my usual quality, and with plenty of scheduled posts ahead, I don't have time to re-do these swatches.  I do apologize but I think you can get the point of the comparisons anyway.

Promise you'll come back for better pics!? Pinky swear!?

Alright, if you're still here, let's look at bottle shots.  Today's post compares two Zoya Pixies, Chyna and Oswin...Can you tell which is which??

Here is a pic of the polishes the way they are meant to be worn - no topcoat.


In this shot, they look very, very different. Chyna is on my middle finger only. Oswin has bigger holo particles and dries much more matte.


However, add a coat of glossy topcoat...and take a look at this:


Now they look quite similar to me!

Do you need both?  Maybe NOT! I wouldn't call these dupes, especially in the way they are meant to be worn, but if you have one, you may not need both.

What do you think? Do you need both?


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