Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Radiant Orchid Post - Zoya Perrie

Oh, oh! Time for another radiant orchid polish!  Zoya posted this polish, Perrie, on it's website as a suggestion for a radiant orchid polish.  And so I bought it immediately.  Kudos, Zoya PR Team, LOL.



This is two coats of Perrie, no topcoat.  Zoya really knows it's way around a creamy creme polish.  I have no complaints about this polish at all! I think it leans more purple than orchid, but it is a great shade anyway.

20140202_093349     20140202_093337

Couple more pics!



More to come!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Radiant Orchid Post - Maybelline Lust For Lilac!

I am all about the radiant orchid color of the year!  I know plenty of my polish pals find it just too dainty and girly, but I am in love!

You may remember my (in my opinion, epic) post with 20 RO polishes and 2 texture RO polishes...See that HERE and then come back for more!  This whole week, posting today, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun, I am going to try to stick to an Orchid theme.  Hope you enjoy!

I have been picky about my mainstream polish purchases lately, but when I saw this a few months ago, it immediately jumped in my cart. I couldn't help it!


This is Lust For Lilac, a orchid purple creme polish by Maybelline.  This is three thin coats with top coat.  The first coat was streaky, the second coat helpful, but the third coat evened everything out.  I am in love with the color as well.


Maybelline polishes are pretty good!  I usually don't have many complaints.  I realize a few people dislike a creme polish that needs three full coats, but with a pastel, it gets a pass with three.

20140209_212918     20140209_212901

You can find Maybelline at drug stores, Walmart, and on their standalone site.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

China Glaze Dupe/Comparison Post: 4 Teal/Tiffany Blue Polishes

It has turned into an unofficial China Glaze weekend on the blog!  Today I have another dupe post for you, this time it is 4 comparable China Glaze blue polishes.

Take a look:


Actually, let's call this a comparison post....none of these are dupes!

On my index finger is Keep Calm, Paint On, my middle finger has At Vase Value (new for Spring 2014), my ring finger has For Audrey, and my pinky has Too Yacht To Handle.

Bottle shots:


And on each finger:


Yacht is a neon polish, For Audrey is a classic CG that you must own.  Vase is a perfect Tiffany blue and Paint is a mint.  So, you may need them all.  :)


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Saturday, April 12, 2014

China Glaze Dupe Post: Petal To The Metal v. Pink Plumeria

Today, I have a dupe post for you with two polishes from the same brand!

The contenders are Petal To The Metal, from the new Spring 2014 Flourish Collection and Pink Plumeria from the Summer Neon collection in 2012.  Take a look and then I'll tell you what I did:


Petal is the creme polish on my ring and pointer fingers, and Plumeria is the shimmer on my pinky and middle fingers.  They do look pretty different on the nail, given the different finishes, but check out the bottle shots:


That is why I compared the two to begin with, they do look similar there!  Check out a closer swatch:


Which do you like better?  Petal is shown with two coats and topcoat.  Plumeria, with the shimmer, needed a third coat for full coverage and has a topcoat as well.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring 2014: China Glaze Flourish Collection!!

Recently, I showed you three Spring 2014 glitter polishes from China Glaze and today we have the cremes/solids! The China Glaze Flourish collection is a set of 12 new creme colors.  I received 6 to review and purchased two others at Sally Beauty.

Group shot:
cg spring

They released some info as well:

Dark and dreary sidewalks turn into vibrant catwalks thanks to the China Glaze® City Flourish collection. Blooming with 12 pale pastels and high voltage neons, the Spring 2014 collection will inspire you to toss those gloves and coats for shorter skirts and strappy sandals. Tips and toes that sported the rich, dark shades of winter will flourish in the brightest shades of the season.

Let's get the swatch party started!  First up, this is Don't Honk Your Thorn, shown with two coats.  The formula was easy to work with, dry time fine.  I wouldn't call this a creme, per say, more of a shimmer polish.

20140309_202005     20140309_201923

Grass is Lime Greener is a bright neon lime. Application took three coats for what you see here. It is slightly streaky but it ends well.

20140309_173335     20140309_173339

Petal To The Metal is a coral/pink/peach shimmer polish. In the next few days, I am going to post a dupe swatch with this polish compared to another China Glaze...can you guess which one? This swatch shows three coats of PTTM. It was easy enough to work with.

20140309_131520     20140309_131451

In A Lilly Bit is a gorgeous shade of lilac. The application was a bit fussy. This is three coats and it's still not even in a few spots. It shows any and every imperfection in the nail. The polish is such a good color though...maybe do some nail art over it or add a holo topcoat to cover odd spots?

20140309_125539     20140309_125532

There is a second, similar purple called Lotus Begin. This is two coats. This is one of the better performers of the bunch and a really great color.

20140405_131458     20140405_131505

There is a second pink as well, a darker, more magenta hot pink color called Peonies & Park Ave. Safe to say, I LOVE this polish! This performed well, two coats for what you see here. This polish is BRIGHT!!

20140303_201114     20140303_201118

At Vase Value is a gorgeous Tiffany blue. It did take three coats and, like Lilly, shows imperfections in the nail. I have read a few reviews totally dissing this polish for the formula, but everyone is loving the color - me, too. By the third coat, mine looked alright, and I did add topcoat in this one. Totally worth the hassle, in my book, but I love a Tiffany blue polish.

20140307_181044     20140307_181050

The last one I have to show you is a shocker. Metro Pollen-tin is a mustardy, polleny, yellowy polish - and I LOVE it! There is just something about this color - it is almost ugly/pretty, know what I mean? This is three coats and the formula was alright.

20140307_175207     20140307_175211

Overall, I am a fan of pastels, spring colors, and creme polishes, so there is a lot of WIN here for me, personally. I can see how others may be frustrated with the application of a few of them, but the colors are really pretty and I think most are worth the hassle of the formulas...what do you think?

You can find China Glaze at Sally's, other retail stores, and on their website.

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