Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mani Round Up - 3/21/2017

Very short and sweet and neutral post today!

Zoya Melodie: I found this on a random polish blog in 2015 and soon discovered it had been disco'd in 2012. Amazon to the rescue! I found it at below retail, too, and I LOVE this color. Two coats and topcoat.


Zoya Melodie French Manicure: because I will never think of the french mani as "uncool."


Zoya Chantal: another perfect Zoya neutral! Two coats, done, perfect.


Sinful Colors Cinderella: If you love (ahem, collect and/or hoard) polish, you already own Cinderella. AmIRite? It does take three coats but it's 100% worth it.


More to come next week!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Sephora PLAY! March 2017

I am consistently thrilled with my Sephora PLAY! box. It has been a month after month home run for me. Let me show you what came in my March box:


As usual, it came in a signature Sephora stripe box, with the items enclosed in a printed fabric bag. On top, there is a fold-out brochure that describes the items inside and a card for 50 points to take to Sephora.

This month's theme is The Gleam Team, full of highlighters and brightening products.




If you subscribe, your contents will be different. I stopped looking at spoilers, personally, so I look forward to the surprise each month.


Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast: this is the only item of the month that I am hesitant about using. Dry shampoos never, ever, ever work well for me. However, I have tried a few other items from Living Proof, thanks to sub boxes, and I have really liked them, so I will give this a try.


Glam Glow GlowStarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer: Who is not excited to see a Glam Glow product in a sub box!? For years, I have been all about the matte, porcelain looking face, but lately, juuuust lately, I have been enjoying highlighter and brightening products. I sampled this on my hand - see the last pic of the post - and it even smells fantastic. Looking forward to this!


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink: This rose gold shadow is so pretty! I feel like they recently sent something super similar?? A Laura Mercier stick? I swatched it below.


Benefit Watts Up Cream to Powder Highlighter stick: How cool is this?! It's highlighter in a stick form! I was playing around with this on my hand and I am so excited for it! The color looks gorgeous on my skintone, swatched below on my arm, and I can imagine using this on my cheeks, along my hairline, and as an eyeshadow, too.


Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm: Ooh, I love Josie Maran products! I am thrilled to see this included. I was less thrilled to see how separated it was in the container...maybe because it has an oil base? Did anyone else receive one that was sort of chunky and separated in the pot?


As I was attempting to stir this back together, I wiped the excess from my toothpick on my cheek and holymoly - it feels like liquid velvet being applied to your skin. I can already tell I need a fullsize of this.


Swatch time! From top to bottom, Bobbi Brown Golden Pink eyeshadow, Benefit Watt's Up highlighters, GlamGlow moisturizer.


Last but not least, the perfume sample is Chloe. It smells beautiful!


That concludes my March box. Again, I am thrilled with the contents! Sephora PLAY! delivers high end brands all of the time - GlamGlow, Living Proof, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, and Josie Maran! I love how the items work together, too - an eyeshadow, a face moisturizer, an all over multi tasker, a product that is a primer or finishing balm and something for hair, too.

Also, I think this is the first month we didn't get a Sephora house brand product, too, but that is in no way meant to be a complaint but simply an observation.

What did you get in your Sephora PLAY! box this month?


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mask(s) of the Week: Pig-Nose Black Head System, Spa Life Collagen Lip Mask, and SOO AE Collagen Essence Mask

Jeez - that's quite the title! And it matches my epic masking experience - 3 masks at once time! Well, two times, but one sitting. Let me show you!

Here are the items I used:

  • Pig-Nose Black Head System, 
  • Spa Life Collagen Lip Mask, and 
  • SOO AE Collagen Essence Mask


I picked up the 3-step system from Ulta (I think), the Spa Life Lip masks from TJ Maxx (I swear I just wrote TJ Mask), and the sheet mask from a swap.


Round 1: Blackhead removal and lip mask!

I must admit, I had not tried a blackhead removal mask before I got this product. I didn't think I had blackheads, and I was validated to find out, after removing the second step, that I really don't have that issue. Score!


Lip masks look silly as hell and leave you speechless and immobile, due to their jelly wiggly nature. I have been wearing matte lippies constantly, and I already had something stuck to my nose, so why not make it look even worse? As you can see below...


Hahahahahaaaaaa! Awesome, right?! My skin looks pretty fab here, actually, thanks to my new phone's filter. I call it the "you wish your skin looked like that!" filter.


It was time for some soothing and smoothing hydration after ripping the skin off my nose, so I finished with the SOO AE Collagen Essence mask. The fit, as you can see, leaves a bit to be desired. Apparently I have a small face, which is something I have never considered before. Eh, it could be worse, right?


I didn't find anything extra special about the SOO AE mask. It was quite soothing and had a lot of leftover essence to use on my hands and feet, which I appreciate. It was the perfect pick to use after something stripping, like a nose mask for blackhead removal. I would not go out of my way to repurchase, but I would swap for it again!

Have you tried any of these brands or similar products?


Thursday, March 16, 2017

February 2017 Empties Report!

I know it's quite late, but it's been a busy month on the blog already with Zoya posts, Favorites and Fails, and more, so the empties post got pushed back a little. I also want to space posts out a little bit, so I did wait to post this after the flurry of the past couple of weeks.

Let me show you what I finished up this month. My total number is empties this month is 21, but with duplicates counting, I am up to 23 empties! Jeez! Let's take a look, and as usual, I am categorizing the items to make it easier to read.


Skincare Samples:


Lucky Box Samples from eopenmarket.com: I am not going to review each of these because they are samples, and the first use of a product means nothing. But I used 'em, they are empty, so they count. The Lucky Box from eopenmarket is a great way to try a few different Korean Skincare brands. They do send multiples of each sample so you can actually decide if you want a fullsize or not. To be continued!
Would I repurchase? Yes! I received over 2 dozen samples for under $8, shipped.

Face Products:


Olay Regenerist Tone Perfecting Cream: I received this in a swap and then re-purchased once already! This is a scent-free, medium weight moisturizer for day-time. The Olay Regenerist line has been around forever because it is just that good.
Would I repurchase? Yes, I already have!

Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask: I also received this greeeeeeeen mask in a swap. I actually used it as a mask and as a quick exfoliating wash in the shower. The fun part is that it is green. The not so great part is that it is very drying.
Would I repurchase? No, I need a gentler exfoliation for my face.

Bliss That's Incredi-Peel Pads: You may remember these from my Favorites and Fails post! I received this sample at Ulta recently and fell in love! They are tingly but effective in helping to resurface, tone, and smooth the skin.
Would I repurchase? Yes, I already have! And though this is a splurge item for me, price-wise, the pads are big enough to cut in two, so double the product for the price. Win!

LUSH Cosmetics Rub, Rub, Rub: I asked for a sample of this the last time I was in store. RRR has a oceanic smell and is bright blue. It is a body exfoliator which is very gentle - almost too gentle! Maybe my shower is too hot, but the rough particles seem to melt before the product touches my skin. Smells great, though.
Would I repurchase? No.

Josie Maran Argan Oil: This is a multi-tasking holy grail item. If you don't have it, get it. You can add this pure argan oil to your hair (ends, really), cuticles, elbows and knees, feet, pretty much anywhere. Just get it and thank me later.
Would I repurchase? Oh yeah!!

Pacifica Glow Baby Glow Youthful Face Scrub: Much better in the gentle scrub for the face department! This smells like the beach - a really clean beach and not a nasty one, LOL, and has the most gentle, almost sand-like, texture.
Would I repurchase? Scrubs seem to come in sub boxes so I usually swap for them, but if I was actually in the market and needed to purchase one, I would def consider this.

NYC New York Color Matte BB Cream: My holy grail BB Cream! I have actually been on the hunt for this, in Medium, for a while now, as my WalMart seems to be OOS. I love this stuff. LOVE.This.Stuff.
Would I repurchase? When I finally spot this again, I am buying at least 3.

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator - Original: Warning - don't take this in the shower, LOL. My brilliant (usually) self thought to take my spare in the shower. FYI: it melts!
Would I repurchase? LOL, at this point, I NEED to!



OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner: I purchased this from Ulta in my never-ending quest to please my super dry hair. This conditioner is thick and smells fantastic, but other than that, it did not do it for me. If you have normal hair and love the smell of argan oil, I do recommend trying it.
Would I repurchase? Nope.

LUSH Cosmetics Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner: This is advertised as a "hair perfume" that can take the place of your perfume. Honestly, they are right. I love this stuff, though I definitely cannot categorize this as a need item. Want? YASSSSSSSSS. Go to the store, get a sample, and take a sniff/ Tell me you put it back on the shelf. Try it.
Would I repurchase? Yes, absolutely. I haven't yet because as much as I love this, it is not an essential every day item for me. Next time I place a LUSH order, I will purchase this for sure, but I can't justify going out of my way for a special order for just this - it's a core item, too, so no rush.

Wen Bamboo Green Tea Mask: I found this in the cabinet, LOL. It must have been gifted at some point...oops. I am not a Wen shampoo fan, so that explains why I didn't rush to use this, either. It made my hair softer, but no real difference besides that, or even effects that lasted longer than the next washing.
Would I repurchase? Nope.



Crystal Nails Cuticle Oil in Pineapple: I have realized in my quest to thin my stash and decide what I like, I need to use things on a regular basis until I use them up! One item that I have been quite lax in remembering to use regularly is cuticle oil. I have an embarrassing number of cuticle oils, creams, balms, salves, etc to use up. In an effort to combat winter blues, I grabbed this Crystal Nails profuct, which, you cannot see, but was pink tinted oil and - the best part - is that it smells like pineapple. Perfect, ripe, summer, not artificial, just perfect pineapple. I wish, right now more than ever, that you could scratch and sniff the screen.
Would I repurchase? Yes, although it'll be many a moon before I need to purchase anything cuticle related.

Glisten and Glow HK Girl Clear Topcoat: What can I say that hasn't been said about this amazing topcoat? I buy bottles two at a time. It dries in less than 5 mins and remains chip-free for days.
Would I repurchase? Yes! I am sure I have already since posting this.

Empties Total: 21

Year to Date: 43!

I will continue swapping items and using this as a reference for what does and does not work for my skin, hair, and body. This series has been so helpful to me and I hope it has been for you, too. If there is every anything additional or different that you want to see on this blog, please let me know!


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mani Round Up - 3/14/17

I tried to make up to you this week with a few more nail looks for you!


Zoya Wednesday: I wore this last Wednesday, LOL. If I can't match it to my sweater, might as well match it to the day of the week! This dusty aqua is so pretty on the nail, even if it doesn't look special in the bottle. Two coats, topcoat, done.


Salon Perfect Traffic Cone: has there ever been a more appropriately named polish?! No, there has not. This is about 10x brighter in real life. You only need two coats, which is great for a neon. I love, love, love this polish! I wear it on Mondays for a pick-me-up!

Below is Traffic Cone and my (ugliest) LuLaRoe leggings...80's party!


Sation Down and Dirty Flirty: I was looking for a neutral polish that I haven't touched in a while (read: not Zoya), so I grabbed this one by Sation. I think this brand is SO underrated! This is two perfect coats with topcoat.


Sation Down and Dirty Flirty and Essie Petal Pink: have you seen the new Rose Quartz nail trend? Well, this isn't a good example, but I tried! LOL. I added Essie Petal Pink over the Sation polish, then added white stripes and a matte topcoat.

Next time I will do a few things different. I need much finer lines to represent the lines in the stones, and I think I'd take remover and sort of buff it in a few places to make the finish look more natural and uneven.


It just so happened I had a rose quartz rock on my bookshelf. My mani isn't great, but it isn't awful, either. It's a full-on Monet - from far away it looks OK but up close it's a big old mess! (5 points if you can name that movie reference).


Zoya Storm: Storm is the only backup of a Zoya polish I have ever purchased, and for good reason, too. Look at that holo sparkle! This is two coats with topcoat.


Color Club The Uptown and Zoya Storm: if you can find The Uptown, get it! It is flaky heaven!! Just look at bottle I am holding and check out the maroon to yellow to green to purple shift. Amazing! Why don't I use this more? I added two coats on top of Storm and I love how you can see the holo peeking from under the flakes.


Close up required!!


Phew! This week in review was much better than last week! Which look do you like best?