Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scented Nail Polish! Revlon: Gumdrop!

This is a post from the archives, but even as the temps drop, I promise to keep posting bright, girly, spring-y colors! LOL. I still can't deal with the cold...still don't care about leaves turning...sigh. Give me flowers, blooming gardens, and sunshine any time!

With that in mind, check out one of Revlon's scented polishes.  This is Gumdrop!


The original Revlon scented line, for the few I have, is actually pretty nice.  The scents are fairly true-to-life and not overpowering.  The creme formula is nice, builds up in two coats to full opacity.  This is two coats with topcoat and it smells nice!

20140125_153611     20140125_153608

Couple more shots!  Honestly, I am not sure if Revlon is making more of these or not...I think it's only the new square bottles.  I found this at Odd Job Lot for just a couple dollars. If you spot any at discount places, I suggest snagging a couple.



What do you think? Do you wear only seasonal colors or do you rock your favorites all year long?

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

OPI This Gown Needs A Crown - Miss Universe 2013 Collection

Hello!  Today I have a polish from OPI's Miss Universe 2013 collection called This Gown Needs A Crown.

 OPI released a trio of polishes in November 2013 to celebrate the Miss Universe pageant.  I picked up only one, This Gown Needs A Crown, and swatched it a while ago...but I am just getting around to showing it to you now!

Let's take a look:


This is three thin coats of TGNAC.  The bottle came with an adorable little crown charm, isn't that sweet?

You may be thinking that metallics, silvers, and golds are pretty scare around MBHM, and you're right!  Metallics are usually guilty of my least favorite polish characteristic - visible brush strokes!! UGH!  But, take a closer look:

20140122_210235     20140122_210206

No brush strokes!  This goes on really nicely and builds up well without streaking or brush strokes.  Hallelujah!


20140122_210016     20140122_210112

Pretty, isn't it?

I will def grab this polish again, which I don't say for many silver polishes in my collection!  I don't think this made it to OPI's core collection but I am sure you can find it on amazon, ebay, or in polish sales groups on Facebook.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hare Polish - Pegasus!

My love affair with Hare Polish continues!  I was recently able to purchase a core polish, Pegasus, from a blog sale.  I scored and got the old bottle style with the cute rabbit decal - how sweet is that!?

Needless to say, the second this arrived in my mailbox, I ripped it out of the package and slapped it on my nails as quickly as I could!


Pegasus has a gorgeous pale lilac base with white and silver glitter.  It is simple yet ethereal!

20140729_075720     20140729_075724

This is three thin coats of Pegasus.  The polish builds up beautifully and with three thin coats, there is no visible nail line.



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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pretty & Polished: 3 from Winter 2014, 1 Opal Collection Polish

Happy Saturday! Hope you've having a good weekend. Today I have 4 polishes for you from Pretty & Polished: 3 from the Winter 2014 collection and 1 from the Opal Collection.

The collections are now live and you can shop the store HERE.

Let's see a group shot!


First, Lightening Ride is from the Opal Collection.  It has a darkened jelly base and gorgeous opal shreds.  This is two coats over a black creme polish.  The polish is easy to work with and dry time was fine. It was tough to get good pics of it because the opal is so colorful, but trust me, it's gorgeous!


The Winter 2014 collection has 8 polishes in total, and if you purchase the whole collection, you'll get a surprise LE polish, too!  I have 3 here for you.  First, the perfect holiday jelly, this is Red, Red, Wine-ter.


This is such a complex polish, featuring a red jelly base with pink and red glitters. It is a texture polish but I added topcoat for a glossy finish. It goes on easily, no fishing for glitters. Love how truly cherry red it is!

20141108_084512     20141108_084519

Next up, my favorite from what I was sent. This is Summer! I Miss You SO Much!  It is a pink crelly with white and light blue hex, circle glitters, black micro glitters and pink diamonds.  Annnnd, guess what? It is a thermal!  I didn't realize it was a thermal though so I don't have transition pics, but it goes from the pink you see here to a white base when cold.  Check out the store listing HERE for better pics.


The formula is perfect. There is zero glitter fishing and dry time is great. Can't wait to wear this again knowing it is a thermal, LOL.

20141108_085904     20141108_085900

Last but not least, this is Stain My Glass, a clear based shredded topper in green, blue, and purple. This would look great over a variety of shades but I chose black undies to make the colors pop. There is zero fishing for shreds and a perfect base to glitter ratio.  Love it!


20141114_201104     20141114_201132

There you have it!  The Winter Collection has a variety of gorgeous polishes in varying textures and colors so there is really something for everyone.

You can find Pretty & Polished:
On their store site HERE
On Facebook HERE
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Sally Hansen Breezy Blue! Streak Free Pastel Blue

Every light blue polish fan is on the hunt for the same thing: vibrant color that is streak free!  Honestly, we could open that statement up to pastel polishes in general.

Even though it's summer, I still rock my pastels!  After the hullabaloo with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear polishes earlier this summer, my fingers are crossed that this polish does not get changed at all!  Check out  this streak free and opaque blue, Breezy Blue by Sally Hansen:


My swatch shows two coats (seriously!) of Breezy Blue with HK Girl topcoat.



You can find Sally Hansen at pharmacies all over, and on their standalone site. Past polishes, like this one, can also be found at off label type places. I found this at an Ocean State Job Lot. Def snag it if you spot it!