Thursday, January 19, 2017

Illamasqua: Stance and Nomad

Was I the only one heartbroken when Sephora stopped selling Illamasqua? Stance, shown in this post, was one of the first "higher end" polishes I purchased (a million years ago) and is still a favorite. I love their nail polish formula, and I do believe (unlike coughTomFordcoughcough) that the price tag matches the quality. Today I have two polishes to show you: Nomad and Stance.

First up, here is Nomad:



This is such a stunning jade green!! It is such a wearable shade and I bet it looks good on many different skintones. I used three thin coats for what you see here. The first coat was streaky, second was fine, third just made it look creamy and vibrant.



As I mentioned, Stance is an older polish of mine. I believe I have had this bottle for at least 5 years and it still performs perfectly. I used just two coats here. The wear on this brand is just wonderful - I wore this, with zero chipping, for almost 5 full days (but hey, I am a polish blogger! I change them often, okay!?)




Last look!


Do you have any Illamasqua polishes? Love them? Hate them?

Let me know!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mani Round Up - 1/17/17

Good morning!

Tuesday means it's time for the Mani Round Up! Here is what I wore on my nails in the past week, along with a quickie review of the polish itself.


Fresh Paint Passion Fruit: this may look familiar since I featured it last week! However, it counts for this week, too, because I extended the mani and freshened it up using decals from bornprettystore. I love similar toned nail "art" with polish as it looks modern and clean. The polish has a great formula, with only two coats needed. I applied the decals randomly using tweezers and topcoated with HK Girl.


Barry M Turquoise: I picked this polish up last week thanks to OPI, LOL. OPI had a sponsored post on Facebook showcasing it's new gel line and the color they featured was Czech Book, a similarly hued bright blue. I didn't own the OPI version but I grabbed Turquoise, by Barry M, instead. This is a creme polish with a great formula - opaque in two coats.


Wet&Wild A Latte Love: while I do have a latte love for this color, I don't have a latte love for the brush! I posted this on Facebook and heard similar responses from y'all, too. The megalast formula is awesome - practically a one coater - but at least a few of you have similarly thin nail beds, like me, so the big, wiiiiiide brush is just too much. Can you hear us, wet&wild?!


Smitten / Dreamland Lacquer Terra Opal: I believe it was the summer of 2015 that this polish debuted - and what a beauty! The lime green is an unexpected color choice for January in the northeast, so you bet I got a lot of compliments on this one. I used a white base underneath to make the color POP and two coats of Terra Opal.


Girly Bits by Pam Eggnogoholic: this is an oldie but goodie! I have had this polish forever and it still applies like a dream. It's a simple mix of an off-white base and subtle golden glitters, but on the nail it is just SO pretty. I used three coats for this mani, although a white base and two would suffice, also.


Girly Bits by Pam Eggnogoholic: I loved this mani so much that I wanted to extend it's life a little. Bornprettystore decals to the rescue! You know I love these decals, but they peel so quickly that this only lasted for a day before I started peeling the edges myself. I have thrown away the rest of the decals I had that looked like this. Safe to say, my love affair with BPS decals is ovah. Womp, womp.

Well, that's it for this week! What was your favorite look? Tell me in the comments!


Zoya Lipsticks - Cameron, Paisley, Maxwell

In addition to the Neutral 3 collection, I was sent 3 of the newest item from Zoya - lipsticks! I am not sure if these colors are for me, so I swatched them on my hands for starters.

Here are the colors I received!  Maxwell is a matte which Cameron and Paisley are regular formulas with a shine finish.


The packaging is sleek and in a black case with a Zoya logo box. This is Cameron in the photo.


From top to bottom, just like the box photo, here are Cameron, Paisley, and Maxwell. I waited a few moments for them to dry down before taking a photo, but unfortunately, the finishes don't look any different than one another.  The colors were true to the bullets which looked pretty true to the swatches online, which is always helpful.

Wear tests coming soon!


Have you tried Zoya Lipsticks yet? Which is your favorite?


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Zoya Naturel - 3

Neutral Zoya polishes have a special place in my heart and collection.

There is nothing better than the effortless polished look of a neutral creme polish, and no one does the formula better than Zoya.

Today I have a review of the 6 new colors in the Naturel 3 collection. This is meant to be a transitional collection, cleansing the palette between rich, dark winter colors and upcoming neutrals, pastels, and lighter shades in spring. I think the palette is also supposed to be skin toned color, varying in shades to compliment everyone.



I am going to go with descriptions from the Zoya site since these shades are quite nuanced. Gina is the brownest of the bunch, described as a medium brown neutral creme. This is opaque in two coats.



Debbie is a "plum brown" creme polish that is opaque in two coats as well. It has a strong fall feel to it with the deep purple tone. So pretty!



Mary is a "medium raisin" creme polish that is also opaque in two coats. See the theme yet? Zoya is so consistent with it's quality! Mary is my favorite of the three darker shades.


Here are Debbie, Gina, and Mary compared, in that order.



I love a mauve creme polish. Jill is a "lighter mauve" polish with a perfect formula. This is such a great, transitional shade for me.



Cathy is a light "pinky nude" creme that also has a great formula. The more pastel a color is, the streakier it may be, but Zoya does it right every time! I used this one for a full manicure when I swatched the collection.



Tatum is a "medium light nude" creme, which makes me laugh because what the hell kind of color does medium light even mean? I am cracking up here. This is a bone shade, in my opinion, and pretty but it makes my hands look wicked pale.

There you have it! My favorites are Jill and Cathy. Which do you like the best?


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mani Round Up - 1/10/17

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to the first official Mani Round Up post. Just in case you missed my introduction post a few days ago, the Mani Round Up post is going to be a weekly post of photos of manicures from the previous week, plus a mini review about the polish or polishes used. The amount of photos each week will vary as it depends on how many times I do my nails! Every week will be a surprise to you AND me, LOL.



Fresh Paint Passion Fruit: my camera does not do justice to how bright, glowly, and cheerful this polish truly is on the nail! I purchased this from 5 Below, I believe it was part of a 3 for $5 deal. For that price, the quality of the formula is quite impressive. It is opaque in two coats.


Orly Prelude to a Kiss: this polish has been featured on my blog about 3,193 times, mostly recently in my Favorites of 2016 post. I love everything about this polish - the formula, the color, the non chippingness, the color, the name, the color...


Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Lush: slightly textured, this cool gray polish has an edginess that I love. If you apply topcoat, the texture disappears for a smoother look. I used three thin coats for what you see here.


Illamasqua Purity: this is another one of my favorite polishes that I pick up quite frequently. The peach color looks a little off on my winter skin, though, so I think this will hibernate until spring, too. Orly Prelude is the more almondy winter friendly cousin to this polish,


New Years Eve Nails featuring Literary Lacquers I Heard The Bells & Zoya Alicia: I know it has been more than a week since NYE, but I wanted to post this anyway, since I haven't yet. I used Out The Door Black Hole for the base, then used striping tape to apply three random pieces to each nail. I chose Zoya Alicia, the silver, and I Heard The Bells by Literary Lacquers for the gold, and carefully filled in a few spots. Ta-da!

The first Mani Round Up post is officially in the bag! Meet me back here next Tuesday for the next installment.