Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zoya Satins: 2015 Transitional Collection - 6 Polish Review!

To help bring you from the deeper, bolder, and darker colors from the Fall and Winter into the lighter, fresher, softer colors of the Spring, Zoya has created the 6 piece transitional collection called Satin.


The name comes from the finish of the polish, which is incredibly unique.  It is not a dulled matte look and it is definitely not the shiny gloss of normal Zoya polishes, but instead, it is somewhere in between.

Let me show you exactly what I mean.  Here is Zoya Ana with a matte topcoat and a regular shiny topcoat, with Ana by itself in the middle:


Now let's see the whole collection!  These colors are gorgeous.  First up, since I already showed you, this is Ana.  Though most were fine with two coats, this was the lightest so I used three coats, no topcoat as directed.


20150123_173636     20150123_173838

Next up, my favorite of the collection, this is Brittany, the softest, satiny pink.  I used two coats and topcoat.

This is a good time to talk about the formula.  I love it!  It is about as thick as a regular creme but applies like a matte or pastel - a little streaky, honestly.  However, give it just one second on the nail and it self levels nicely.  It's pretty unique and I am def. a fan!


20150124_103743     20150124_103747

Third, another lighter color, this is Tove.  What a cool, concrete gray this is! I know I will grab this over and over again.  This is two coats, no topcoat.


20150123_163708     20150123_163911

There are some slightly darker, duskier shades, too.  This green is called Sage and  here I have used two coats, no topcoat.


20150123_171231     20150123_171252

Rowan is arguably the darkest, a husky grey with the slightest touch of purple. Again this is two coats, no topcoat.


20150124_094125     20150124_094305
Last but not least, this is Leah, a medium grey. Great coverage in two coats.


20150124_111407     20150124_111325

Zoya collections just gel so well together that I couldn't resist trying something to use them altogether. This is a base of Rowan and I used the dry brush technique to add the other 5. I topped this with matte topcoat for a dulling effect. What do you think??


20150124_095329     20150124_095358

If you pick up any Zoya polishes, post them with the tag #everydayzoya for the brand to catch your shot!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Stud Wheel Review & Coupon Code!

Today I have a review for you but it is not my typical polish review.  Instead, I have some studs and decals from the Born Pretty Store.

You can take 10% off your purchase at the Born Pretty Store with my exclusive coupon:


And keep in mind they offer free shipping on every order!

Here is what I chose to review:

20140921_200820     20140921_201024

Let me start with the studs, which are fool proof to apply. I sort of messed up with the decals, but I'll get to that.  The studs came in a wheel and contained a nice mix of items, from stars to diamonds to squares to dots in both gold and silver!

20140921_202256     20140921_202325

For the base color polishes, I used the creamy Me Couture collection by Barielle that came out in 2014. The purple, above, is Soho At Night and the blue, below, is Moda Bleu.

20140921_203448     20140921_203502

I applied them using a dab of nail glue, which I had here at home.  BPS did not send any along, so keep that in mind when you order.  You can also use clear nail polish but I recommend glue for a longer lasting hold.

20140921_204935     20140921_204957

The bases for these swatches are also from the Me Couture collection by Barielle. The grey, above, is Taupe Notch and the neutral is called Vintage Gown.

20140921_210100     20140921_210107

Pretty cool, right?  Next, I was sent a package of what I thought were sticky decals.  Well, turns out they are water slide decals meant to be used on the fingernail as a whole or cut in pieces and used as accents.  Honestly, I destroyed a couple of them before I realized this, LOL, and they didn't come with any instructions or information.

My learning curve will tell you to get a small cup of room temp water.  Cut the shape you want and submerge in water for a few seconds.  I usually push on the decal between my thumb and ring finger and if it is ready, it slides right off.  If it doesn't slide off easily, submerge in water again.

Once I figured out they were water slide decals, I decided to cut them up and use them as accent pieces with the studs for a feminine meets punk rock look, shown over Boho Chic by Barielle.  What do you think?


20140921_213641     20140921_213748

As I mentioned, Born Pretty Store offers free shipping on every order!  Since it is non-US based, it takes a couple weeks to get your items, so be patient!  They offer a huge variety of items from polish to decals to studs to jewelry.

Check out the store and use my exclusive coupon on your order:


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Saturday, January 24, 2015

New To Me Indie: Glitter Daze - Summer Sprinkles

Today I have a new to me indie polish that I did swatches of pretty much forever ago.  No idea why I haven't posted it because it's a really fun glitter topper that would look great over any base.

Take a look!


This is Summer Sprinkles, gifted to me by Sam of A Girl Obsessed.  I had a brief obsession with obtaining everything neon and glitter topper related so she was gracious enough to send this to me during my neon topper phase (like Picasso's Blue Period, right?).  Swatches show SS over Zoya Chantal:

20140209_200636     20140209_200656

This is two coats over Chantal and it looks amazing! The glitter is throughout the base and therefore flows on the nail very easily. Since the pieces are uniform in size, there is no fishing required. Great application!

20140209_200642     20140209_200645

I wanted to try it over a brighter base, so this is two coats over Verity Deep Lavender.  Label says Deef Lavender but I am pretty sure they meant Deep!

20140209_195112     20140209_195117

You can find Glitter Daze:
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer - The Scoobies

Today I have a super fun polish from an indie line that I have featured plenty of times on this blog - Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer!  BEGL is well known for gorgeous polishes with fun inspirations and wordy names, LOL.

The Scoobies, shown below, if from a Buffy The Vampire Slayer inspired collection that was made in fall 2013.  I know I'll get some flack for this, but I never watched Buffy (I know, I know) so I can't link the name to the polish for you, but if you're a fan, you have already recalled the inspiration and are sitting there shaking your head at me!

Onto the polish:


The Scoobies is a complex polish!  I am showing this over Zoya Posh, a matte polish, but with the glossy Scoobies on top, you can't tell it's matte.  The Scoobies has a clear base although it is slightly tinted with the amount of glitters in it!  It is chock full of awesome glitters, including moons, hearts, squares, smaller glitters, and iridescence throughout.  Love it!

20140125_194732     20140125_194646

The application is nice although the bigger glitters needed a little fishing, as to be expected.  Dry time was normal and formula without any issues. BEGL polishes are typically lovely in my experience.



I no longer see The Scoobies in the store but there are so many other amazing polishes from this line that you will def. find something to catch your eye!

You can find Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer:
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