Sunday, November 29, 2015

Literary Lacquers Community Collection 2015 (& LE GWP Polish!)

Today's blog post is a feast for the eyes! I am going to show you the 8 piece Community Collection 2015 by Literary Lacquers. This is the third year that Amy has tapped into her blogger and polish obsessed friends to help develop 8 unique polishes based on literary inspirations and, as usual, the results are gorgeous.

The collection is launching December 1 at noon MT (2pm ET, for reference).

Give My Heart is the LE Gift with Purchase. A $24 purchase gets a free mini, $48 purchase gets a free full size. Orders over $75 use code 2015HOLIDAY for free domestic shipping or 2015INTERNATIONAL for $7 off international shipping.

Here are the 8 main polishes. I am going to do something a little different with this post. Instead of my usual light box full hand then macro, I am going to do a full hand light box and then a full hand sun light, no flash pic so you can see how gorgeous these are!


First up, this is Stinky Little Truck. I used three thin coats for these pics. The formula is easy to work with, dry time is average. The first coat is sheer but builds up nicely. This almost has a foil like finish. Beautiful for any time of the year.


Here is the polish in the sun, with no flash or artificial light:


Next, here is My Favorite Day, a sunny coppery gold. This is three thin coats. This polish has a very sunny quality to it and is guaranteed to make you smile when you see your nails.


The sun shot makes it look like you've got a bar of gold on your nails.


A personal favorite of mine is Phizzwizard. I am lucky enough to be friends with Amy and every once in a while, I send her a random FB message that starts with "You know what would be an awesome color?" LOL, I am sure she loves those. One of the random message colors that I described was a holo seafoam green - and here it is! This is totally someone one else's vision and description but this color is here and it's just gorgeous. You'll need three thin coats since it is a pastel but it dries quickly. Love!




And another favorite is Free to Fly. I adore pastels and holos, so combining the two is an instant win for me. Since this is a pastel, it is slightly more sheer than some of the others in the collection. This is actually 4 thin coats but 3 would've been fine. This beauty is already on my Favorites shelf.


Sun shot!


Burning Slowly From The Inside Out is a burnt orange color. This has the typical, perfect, LL holo formula with two coats to opacity.



This is Veronika, a gorgeous royal purple. Pics show two coats and oh, the rainbows that this holo creates are just spectacular!


This polish is drool worthy!


I can't help myself. You need to see this macro:


Love this one! Sensible Rabbit is a taupe-y neutral with black micro glitters to give it the texture look with a smooth finish. Neutral holos are amazing for every day wear. This is three thin coats. The formula is flawless, the color is fantastic. Love, love, love.


Wow. Just wow!


Holo macro!


No one does deep, emerald greens like Literary Lacquers. Perfect in two coats, Leaves of Grass is a stunner.


Here is a macro in artificial light, which means this is what you're going to see all day long when you wear this polish.


Here's your sunlight shot:


Finally, the Limited Edition Gift with Purchase polish is called Give My Heart. This is just two coats, no topcoat. It is a gorgeous cranberry meets watermelon jolly rancher shade with intense sparkle.



And one last close up so you can see how gorgeous this is:


There you have it! My favorites are Sensible Rabbit, Free to Fly and Phizzwizard. If you love deep jewel tones for the fall/winter then you need Leaves of Grass and Veronika.

Remember, these beauties release on December 1 at 2pm ET. The GWP is a limited edition, too, so keep that in mind.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sweet Heart Polish: Frosted Sugar Cookies

Back in the summer, ellagee created an awesome 'Christmas in July' box with over 28 items. I actually just went to the website to see if it was still available and as of mid-November as I write this post, it is still available HERE.

Anyway, I wasn't able to afford the whole box but I was lucky enough to swap for a couple polishes that were exclusive to the box. Today I have Frosted Sugar Cookies by Sweet Heart Polish to show you:



Is this a ME polish or what!? FSC is a light pink crelly with dot and star glitters, in shades of pink, blue and white. My swatches show two coats! That's all it took for opacity and there was zero fishing or placement needed for the glitters.



I would suggest checking Facebook sale groups if you're looking for this baby. I know mine is sitting pretty on my Favorite Polishes shelf and has found it's permanent home!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MDJ Creations: Dessert Duo - Biscotti

A couple of months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across the most beautiful neutral holo polish. I simply HAD to have it!


I want to take a moment to praise the attention that most indie companies give to their clients. Unlike major chains, if you take the time to ask an indie seller a question, you'll get a response (if it's a good company, of course!).

Case in point: the polish featured in this post, Biscotti by MDJ Creations, was featured in the Dessert Duo collection. Although both polishes are pretty, the second of the colors, Cappucino, didn't look like it would go well with my skintone, so I commented on Facebook to ask if she would sell one separately. 5 mins later, the listing was up and the polish was ordered. This was my first experience with this brand and I am thrilled!



This is three thin coats with topcoat. The polish applied very smoothly and dry time was fine. The formula is great. Awesome polish + extra attentive customer service = one very happy polish addict.



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Thursday, November 19, 2015

bornprettystore review: Flower Nail Art Water Decals Vine Nail Art Transfer Stickers

I am not sure why gives the longest names to their items, but today I have the "1pc Colorful Flower Nail Art Water Decals Vine Nail Art Transfer Stickers" to show you. In short: flower water slide decals, LOL.

 Here is the item I received:


 You can find it on the store site HERE. It is one of my favorite products so far!


Check it out:


 The base color is In A Lilly Bit by China Glaze. The application for the decals is easy, they are normal waterslide decals.

 In brief, peel off the front protective layer and then cut the decal as close to the design as possible. Submerge in water for about 10 seconds. The decal should slide away easily from the white backing. Use tweezers or your fingers to position the decal on the nail. Press down gently to adhere it and squish out the water from underneath. Give it a moment to dry then apply your topcoat.


 I love the colors in these decals and they are a good quality product. Often, with cheap water slides, you can tear up the design when you add like smears and drags. These are perfect even after topcoat! Last look:


Thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to use code MBHMK31 for 10% from your order. Shipping is free no matter how much you spend, which makes it practically guilt free to try something new.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Opal Water Drops - bornprettystore review and Barielle Buddha-Full

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Today I have something for you that you rarely see on MBHM: 3D nail art! I am lucky to receive items for review from, which is an online store with pretty much any accessory for nails that you can imagine!

When I choose samples from BPS to review, I usually go with a couple items that I know I will like, such as flower waterslide decals, and also something completely out of my comfort zone. These 3D Water Drop Nail Art Decoration (long name, I know) are definitely in the out-of-my-comfort-zone department.

Take a look!


The base of this mani is Buddha-Full by Barielle over a neutral creme. I applied the 3D Nail Art piece by gently pressing it in while the topcoat was still tacky. I love the colors and the look but the 3D piece is HUGE! If you do anything with your hands during the day, I feel like you'll snag this and just pop it off. It is cute but not practical at all.


They come packaged in a group of 6 and you can choose either black or white. I loved the colors in the black ones - here they are in the packaging:


Unfortunately, I do not see these on the site any longer but hopefully they come back soon.


Remember, you can take 10% off your purchase with the code MBHMK31 and shipping is always free, no matter how much you spend.

Store site:

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