Thursday, July 2, 2015

Salon Perfect Rockin' In The Red, White, and Blue collection (Cremes & Glitter Toppers!)

Celebrate the 4th of July with Salon Perfect polishes! It seems as if every holiday, Salon Perfect comes out with some themed polishes.  This year has some new polishes and some re-releases. Collectively, this is called the Rockin' In The Red, White, and Blue collection. You can find them exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and they are all $4 and under!

I was sent 14 polishes, including 4 cremes, 6 glitter toppers, 1 topcoat and 3 stripers. I'll show you the stripers at another time because they are not Independence Day related.  Ready? Cremes first!

Group shot:


I didn't do individual swatches of the white, Sugar Cube, because I've used it on this blog plenty of times! Sugar Cube is a creamy white that is streak free and opaque in two coats. If you're on the hunt for a reliable white polish, pick this one up!

Going in order from the photo above, first up is Titanium. I am sorry to start so bluntly, but I hate it. Brush strokey metallics are my least favorite polishes. Ever. This is three thin coats with Salon Perfect topcoat.



Next up, this amazing red is Salsa Dance! In a complete 360 from Titanium, Salsa Dance is a one coater red creme. Just perfect application! This is two coats and topcoat.



The last creme I have to show you is Indiego-Go. Though the finished look is beautiful and rich, this took four thin coats and was very sheer. Shown with Salon Perfect topcoat.



Now, the glitters!!!!


Liberty Bubbles over Indiego-Go. This is my favorite combo of the whole post! LB was a nice mix of base to glitters. I did push and place the glitters on the nail but I was surprised how little fishing was required. It's hard to give a "coat" count because of the placement, but I love this mani!



Pa-tri-otic over Salsa Dance. The triangles are pretty cool, I haven't seen a topper like this. It was pretty base-y and placement was required.



Let Freedom Bling over Sugar Cube. Bar glitter isn't my favorite and it looks like the silver bars are curling slightly. There was zero fishing and in fact, there were almost too many glitters on a single brush dip.





Rockets Red Glare over Salsa Dance. I probably should have chosen a lighter base, but you get the general idea. The glitters here are tiny and applied well. This is one coat over the base, with topcoat. No complaints!



Boom Boom Boom, one coat. I was hoping this would be more full coverage in a single coat, but this is a single shown here...Next...


Boom Boom Boom, three coats. If you dip and dab, you can get full coverage with three coats!



Speck-Tacular over Titanium. There was a good glitter to base ratio here. This is two coats with topcoat.



And there you have it!

Which are your favorites??

I think Salsa Dance is a must have red polish. Liberty Bubbles is really fun as well. And I do recommend Sugar Cube if you're looking for a white creme.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a happy and safe 4th!



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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mentality Polish: Bliss (Must See!)

Mentality Polish seems to be one indie brand that is on everyone's radar - and it is easy to see why!  Check out Bliss:


I was sent this as an extra in a swap and I am so happy to have it! This polish is so unique. I turned to the website for description and it is described as "sparkling blue holographic polish with purple and turquoise accents." It has holo and glass flecks and it just breathtaking!



It is a really complex storm blue but chock full of holo and sparkle. Application was a dream, perfect in two coats.

Blurred out shot so you can see the holo:


And last look!



Though I am not usually a blue fan, this is just a super cool polish. It is still in the store, too, so hop on over if you're interested.

You can find Mentality Polish:

On the store site HERE
On Facebook HERE


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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pictorial: Pastel Galaxy Manicure

I am trying to bring you more nail art and more tutorials - I hope you're enjoying them!  Today I have a galaxy manicure with a twist. I used all pastel colors for this look.

Warning: picture heavy!

Here is the finished product:


And here's how we get there!  First, choose a grey milky creme base. I used Release by China Glaze from The Giver collection.


Next, Zoya Leslie.  I sponged everything on with a bit of a cosmetic sponge. I ripped up the sponge and used tweezers, dabbing the piece into polish on tinfoil:


Next, China Glaze Friends Forever, Right?


Zoya Rayne is next:


Zoya Lillian:


B Squared Lacquer B Mine:


Orly You're Blushing:


China Glaze Fairy Dust is a must for any galaxy mani:


Fresh Paint Sugar Rush flakkies added some spacey depth:


I used a striping brush and white polish to add the 'stars' at the end.  Then, I topped it all off with HK Girl:



I loved this look so much that I kept it for a few days. Once I wanted a new look I added Matte-ict by A Girl Obsessed. How awesome do the flakkies look with matte?!


I hope you love this! If you try this look, tag me on IG or post it on my FB page!


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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

China Glaze: Desert Escape - Summer 2015

Are you ready to rain dance the night away?

Available as of June 1, this 6 piece collection is called Desert Escape.  I was sent this collection for review. Group shot:


I posted this when I published the press release, but just to refresh your memory, the China Glaze Desert Escape collection also features two nail art kits:
Fringe with Benefits: Includes three lacquers and a set of temporary tattoos
 Art You Looking Tribal: Includes three lacquers and a black Stripe Rite nail art liner
Also available: China Glaze Tribal Council, a set of six micro mini bottles of the lacquer collection.

The complete China Glaze Desert Escape collection including the nail art kits and micro minis will be available at a new online retailer for the brand, 

Ready for pics?

First up, this metallic rose gold polish is called Meet Me In The Mirage. Looking at the bottle, I was fearing a brush strokey finish, which I dislike, but it actually wasn't at all! Joy! As you can see, it does have a cool metallic looking finish, turning gold in some lights and copper in others. This is three thin coats with topcoat.



Next, this fuchsia metallic is called Don't Desert Me. It applied quite streaky but dried not-so-streaky, which was nice to see, though def not a 100% smooth finish. This is two coats with topcoat.



On to the cremes! I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the formulas.  I love a good neutral creme.  What's She Dune? is opaque in just two coats. I am positive that the bone meets almond shade will be flattering on many skin tones, including mine, LOL.



This lovely sky blue is Rain Dance The Night Away. I think the sky blue from The Giver collection could be a dupe but I'll get back to you on that. The formula was better than usual for a pastel. This is two coats and topcoat.



Don't Mesa With My Heart is a bubblegum pink creme. Another color with potential for streakiness, the formula was also better than you may expect. Two coats with topcoat resulted in cheerful bubblegum perfection.



Last but not least, this red is The Heat Is On. Almost a true red, this has just the tiniest lean of orange which gives it a desert vibe. Two coats is all you need!



There you have it!  What's She Dune? is my favorite given both the formula and color.

Remember, this collection is not as easy to find as other China Glaze collection. Your best place to find the whole set is

Thank you for stopping by!

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