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Mani Round Up: November 21, 2017

Tuesday, again?!

Literary Lacquers Swallowed Up In Blue & Literary Lacquers Virgin Huntress - I have no idea where this mani idea came from, but isn't it pretty!? Two coats of each. My Aunt, who sees my nails daily, really liked this one and thought it had a jewel-like quality to it. I'll take it!

NARS Trouville: I was in the mood for that perfect baby pink and NARS Trouville did not disappoint. I have had this polish for years and years, thanks to a long ago co-worker (Hi, Cheryl!!) and the formula is still perfect. Two coats and topcoat here.

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October 2017 Empties Report (193 Empties in 2017)

I am sorry that we are mid-November, but I want to keep up with my Empties Report. Let me show you what I used in this month and what I would re-purchase.

This month I managed to use up 24 full size and deluxe sized sample products. I have already posted about a few of the products that made it into my October Favorites, including Innisfree Orchid Lotion and the Suave hair mask.

You already know about my love for SKII Essence and my eternal love of Glisten & Glow topcoat and LUSH Cosmetics Rose Jam shower gel. The Lacome La Base primer is a new favorite, although I own way too many primers to justify another purchase any time soon. The Bath&Body Works Limoncello is a guilty pleasure because I know that brand uses one too many nasty ingredients - but oh, that scent!

Do you use any of these products and love them?

I recently read that samples go bad in about 6 months max, so I have been making an effort to use instead of hoard. I love the TonyMoly Banana sleeping pack but I hate…

Mani Round Up: November 14, 2017


Let me show you what I wore last week!

Zoya Isadora: I wanted to wear my Zoya Party Girl polishes but the colors are so not me. Womp, womp. I have received a ton of compliments on this polish, but you know what? I hate it!! :) Good thing I can remove it.

Zoya Shelby: So, yes, this is my favorite pink Zoya (if I had to choose) because my doggo's name is Shelby, and she's the best doggo ever. Two coats, done. Always perfect.

Barielle Falling Star: When I think of the one polish that everyone should own from Barielle, it's this one. It's simple but unique and the formula is perfect. Two coats and topcoat.

Zoya Jill: In case you're wondering, Zoya Jill is the perfect match to Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip in Caramello. How do I know this? 'Cause I now work at Ulta!! Who the hell thought that was a good idea for saving some money!? I already blew more than what I'll get paid for my first week, but I assumed that would happen. For some lovely reason, th…

October 2017 Favorites And Fails!

Hello there!

Time for Favorites and Fails. As usual, let's start with the good stuff.


I have been trying not to purchase new beauty products (but, uh, I just got a seasonal job at Ulta. Oops.) so I am going to highlight my go-to items as of late.

Suave Almond and Shea Butter Mask: Hello, holy grail cheapie! At under $4, this awesome tub of hair mask smells amazing and makes my hair ridiculously soft. I actually use it as a daily conditioner because my hair is usually pretty thirsty.

Innisfree Orchid Lotion: I purchased 4 of these little bottles as a sample from RoseRoseShop and was instantly hooked. As with all of my favorite items, it smells great and absorbs so well. It is lightweight but deeply moisturizing. I cannot purchase another moisturizer until I NEED one (in about 6 bottles and 10 samples from now) but this is the item I will re-purchase.

Super Salve Cocoa Mango Skin Oil: I purchased this indie beauty product from a shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It smells like h…

Mani Round Up: November 7, 2017

Happy Tuesday - the most polished day of the week!

OPI Infinite Shine You Can Count On It: I love this pinky nude, but I always forget about it with my plethora of Zoya nudes. This is two coats and Glisten&Glow topcoat.

OPI Infinite Shine You Can Count On It topped with Literary Lacquers Original Virtue: Welcome to I Wanted My Nails Done Without Re-Doing My Nails, Case #53953. I added two coats of peachy sheer Original Virtue. The gold shimmer gets me!

Nire's Desire Loves' A Fire: Halloween was last week, so for Tuesday I sported this darling polish from Nire's Desire, one of my fave indies. This is three thin coats and topcoat.

Nire's Desire Lingerie: When I was looking for my orange ND polish, I grabbed this one, which I totally forgot about! I am going to try very hard to use my neutral indies and not always reach for a quick Zoya creme job. This is two coats and topcoat.

Nire's Desire Lingerie topped wth MaxxFactor Fantasy Fire: How lame does this look? FF is am…

Lip Slut: F*ck Trump Liquid Lipstick!

Perhaps I will lose a few followers for this, but I am over it. Trump is an awful President. He does not care to unite the country, and, quite the opposite, seeks to divide people from their neighbors and loved ones.

In response to his ridiculous response to the Aug 11-12 events in Charlottesville, Virginia, Lip Slut decided to send some of the proceeds from their now infamous F*ck Trump lipstick to those who suffered.

Honestly, this product has been for sales since November 2016. I didn't buy it then because I hoped (and prayed and hoped and prayed) that, if he were elected, Trump would be great...

So, lemme show ya my new lippie, k?

I wasn't expecting the formula to be great...BUT IT IS!

The color is quite universally flattering, I would think. The formula feels like a Colour Pop matte to me, and the staying powder is great. Win, win!


PS: Fuck Trump!

Mani Round Up: October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Are you dressing up!? I'm not. And neither are my nails, womp womp. Let me show you what I wore on my digits last week.

I am a little lax on the posts this week. I kept the same polish, my Hare Polish mani, on for DAYS. DAYS! That's like years in the life of a polish blogger.

Barielle Vintage Gown: I officially forgot how gorgeous this polish is! It actually reminds me of Vacation Time by SinfulColors, which I went looking for a few weeks ago and could not find. I am happy to re-discover this one! Obviously it is a little old, since the pigment in the bottle looks funky, but it applies like a dream. One coat and topcoat, that is all  you need.