Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mani Round Up: September 25, 2018

My last September Round Up and I'm still rocking pastel nails! IDOWHATIWANT!


Model City Polish Venetian Sunset over Face of Australia Screen Siren Bombshell: How pretty is this!? Nina, owner of Model City Polish, makes gorgeous polishes. This was perfect in two coats over a neutral base (as in, Lacey was too lazy to remove the neutral base) but I bet you'd need a third without a base.


OPI DS Extravagance: How gorgeous is this? I am trying to reach for polishes that I don't use often...why is this on that list!? This is three coats and topcoat. The formula is thinner than I remembered, and I def flooded the cutes getting used to the consistency. Clean up 100% worth it - this is just so pretty. Holiday polish, maybe? At least Thanksgiving! LOL.


China Glaze I'll Pink to That: How perfect is this hot pink? It's almost like a neon orchid instead of a pink. Call me obsesssssssed. This is two creamy dreamy coats and my faithful G&G topcoat.


China Glaze Pine-Ing For Glitter & China Glaze Water You Waiting For: THIS WAS MY FARM AID MANICURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted earthy and blingy so this is what I came up with. I loved it!! I basically dabbed on the two glitters over a black (Zoya Willa) background. The only problem was that it was uneven in spots and I danced my buns off, so I had chipped nails post-show. WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mask of the Week: Boscia Sake Brightening HydroGel Mask

Did you hear the news that Boscia is coming to Ulta???

....Did you hear that? My Ulta store card just jumped out of my wallet and went running and screaming away!!!

Needless to say, I love me some Boscia. My current Ulta store only has a couple items, so fingers crossed I won't be tempted there!

I found this Sake Brightening HydroGel Mask at TJ Maxx, so I didn't feel too bad about snagging this normally $8 mask for $3. Def worth trying...or was it!?


This mask is a gel based, two piece system. There is one for your mouth/cheeks, and one for your forehead/eyes/cheeks, and they overlap about at your cheek bones.



So, first thing to note is that this mask does NOT settle on the face well. I messaged my boyfriend a picture of my face and he returned the message with this one of Jigsaw's face. Thanks, babe, LOL. Honestly though, he was correct and this is kinda scary, isn't it?!

Fail #1 is the fit. Fail #2 is also the fit because even after you have this somewhat settled on your face, it slips off all the time. The two pieces don't adhere or even stay connected at all, the top part heads north and the mouth piece gravitates south. Pretty lame.

Fail #3 is that even though it is a gel mask, there is no point at which your skin feels satisfied as the gel transfers to your face. I may even venture to say that my face felt LESS hydrated after removal. Needless to say, I will not be repurchasing this one.


I did want to start showing you how I incorporate a mask into my night routine, so this time I began with the not shown double cleanse, added a layer of Klairs Supple Prep Toner (in the spray bottle), followed by Rhonda Allison Essence, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair, Benefit Triple Performing Emulsion, Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum, The Body Shop Lip/Eye Cream, then the mask. After the mask, I did TWO layers of my TonyMoly Seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion because I feel the mask sucked some moisture OUT of my skin!!

For me, this pricey Boscia mask was a fail. I'm glad I got to try it at TJ Maxx prices instead of regular retail. Has anyone tried this?



Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mani Round Up: September 18, 2018

Seriously - mid September?! How?! Why?!


New York Color Cosmetics Sidewalkers: Can we pour out a lil' acetone for N.Y.C. Cosmetics, please? The In A New York Minute topcoat was my swatching basecoat holy grail and their matte B.B. cream was better than any brand, of any price range, that I have ever tried. First world problems, I KNOW, but still. I also liked these 99c polishes! Sidewalkers is a perfect grey creme, opaque in two coats, and, as it claims, super quick drying.


Lynderella Nosegay over New York Color Cosmetics Sidewalkers: I added two coats of Nosegay over Sidewalkers since Nosegay has a greyISH base. If I put it over lavender, it takes a more lavender tone, too. It's been gray and gross in CT, so I wanted to emphasize the grayness, haha.


China Glaze I Brake For Colour: And in a complete 180, I decided a bright reddish/watermelon/coral color was on the docket for a date Wednesday night and an Ulta shift on Thursday. This is three coats - I was surprised by the streakiness even after the second coat - but the third was money.

And yes, swatching hand has suffered another break, so let's welcome the Cinderella Hand back to the mix.


Face of Australia Screen Siren Bombshell: Nuuuudes! Love. This came from Australia, hence the name, and I adore all FOA polishes that I own. This was three thin coats - it def needed a third, but the result is creamy dreamy! 


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mask of the Week: SooAE Honey Cream Bubble Mask

First, let's just give a brief kudos to Walmart for attempting to keep up with the KB, sheet-masking, trend by offering low cost masks in the stores! CVS has a been selection of actual KB brands, but Walmart is actually trying!

I have tried a couple duds (Watermelon mask, I mean you), but there are also a couple that I would repurchase if needed, like this one, the Honey Cream Bubble Mask by SooAE, a New York brand.



How fun! The bubbles are INTENSE in this packet! The formula begins as a cream/gel type and as you rub it in, it goes on clear and bubbles start to form immediately. Look at my face! They keep growing!


With bubble masks, you need to let the formula foam up AND fizzle down before removing it as the bubbles seep into the skin to draw out the impurities. The sensation feels like any other bubble mask, but if you haven't tried them before, it feels like a)butterfly kisses and b)ants walking all over your face!

There is a light honey smell, which I love, as it is not artificial at all. This bubbled up and fizzled out in about 20 mins total, the perfect mask break time.

Though I prefer legit KB brands, this isn't a bad way to get into masking with easy access.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

August 2018: Empties and Tossed Report

Another month of No Buys has me using up plenty of full size items! I'm over my overcrowded vanity. I am making a list of my favorite products to repurchase and using up everything in the meantime. I say this every month - this post helps me recall what to purchase again and what to avoid - the latter being the most important!


In total, I finished up 29 items and quite a few made it onto the good list.


You've already seen a few of these on the blog one too many times!

Outstanding repeats include Formula 10.0.6 Wipe Your Face Off makeup remover wipes, the amazingly scented Rhonda Allison Cucumber Hydrating Spray that I purchase from Spa at Essex in Essex, CT. Klairs Supple Preparation Toner is my holy grail beauty product. It's a toner, meant to be used right after cleansing and is hydrating while preparing skin for the next product. LUSH Ultrabland is my go-to for the first oil cleanse and notable for it's makeup removing abilities.  Makeup stand outs include Benefit's Bad Gal Lash and Benefit Roller Lash.  All of the above were already Holy Grail items cemented in rotation.

The lone hair item is Dry Bar's Prep Rally detangler/primer. I love it, I want it. Do I need it? Not really. Can I justify it's spendiness? Not really. Womp, womp. Till we meet again!

Elisha Coy Serum was an excited to see Korean skincare at CVS purchase. Do I regret it? No. Will I repurchase? Probably not, as there are plenty of KB choices at better price points.

LUSH Kitchen's Lemony Flutter Body Conditioner was a limited edition item, and the LUSH Kitchen has since shuttered the pantry. Tony Moly's Seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion was removed from the Ulta site, but I haven't looked hard enough to try to find it elsewhere.


I used up 9 sample packets. You know I love the Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask and the Purito Vitamin C Serum. The other two were fine, nothing special, no repurchases there.


This month's thrown out items feature a ton of nail products. I went looking for a cuticle oil only to realize that I had a ton of leaky, nasty ones that are literally ancient!! I threw out 15 items. Non-nail products include a yucky old moisturizer, Laura Mercier lip stain that is basically older than I am, and the Garnier Blur from my Flops report.

Time for the totals!

Month of August:

Totals: 29 items, full or deluxe sized / 9 packets or samples / 15 items thrown out

Empties Report Year to Date: 160 items / 86 packets
Thrown out Year to Date: 114 items


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mani Round Up: September 11, 2018

Another week, another round up!


Zoya Jordan: Literally makes me think of a Jordan Almond with this shade! Love it! Creamy and perfect in two coats.


Zoya Jordan and Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat: I wanted a plush, bouncy mani so I added a layer of the perfect pink gel coat. It's a slight difference, but I liked it. This is NOT a quick dry topcoat, FYI.


Orly Prelude to a Kiss: You know I love this color, right!? Looove this colorrrrrr.


Orly Prelude to a Kiss and Sharpie Marker: Don't try this at home! LOL. I accidentally smudged my other hand with sharpie so I went full throttle (YOLO) with Sharpie polka dots! Love how it looks. Hope it comes off!


Zoya Wednesday: I asked my boyfriend to pick a color, and he chose aqua, or something more greenish than blue. I rifled through my melmer and came up with Zoya Wednesday! It fit the color request PLUS I wore it on a Wednesday! These are the little details that make my heart smile. The formula is great, opaque in two coats and even shinier with a layer of G&G.


Barielle Vintage Gown: CAN YOU SEE THE GOLD SHIMMER IN THIS OTHERWISE LAME COLORED POLISH? No, right? Sigh. You can sort of see it in the bottle, go south of the B and the horse. Anyway, this applies like a velvet dream but looks like a crappy color if you can't see the shimmer close enough.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Mask of the Week: Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet in Cucumber

You know when you're THISCLOSE to free shipping and you throw in something rando to get you over that threshold?

Allow me to introduce you to my threshold meeting purchase, the Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet. I purchased these from eOpenMarket. At $2.17 for 3 pieces, they were the perfect addition to my order.




This was one drippy mask!! I opened the packet to get the rest of the essence, as I normally do, and there was a FLOOD! Just kidding but only slightly. There was enough essence for my arms, shoulders, legs...you get the point!


I don't normally post my whole routine with a sheet mask, but I thought it might be helpful to see what I paired it with and what I was going for here.

The theme was hydration!! (Other times it is anti-aging, soothing, redness reducing, pore minimizing, etc, but hydration is 99% of the time). I washed my face 2x (not shown), and then used my Secret Key FTE (First Treatment Essence), then TonyMoly Nutra Energy Toner, Skinfood Lettuce Essence, Agenist Elivate Serum, The Body Shop Aloe Eye/Lip, and then applied the mask...and then coated my body in the excess essence!

20 minutes later, this soggy mask hadn't dried (at all) but I removed it and rubbed in (even more of) the remaining essence. My skin was hydrated, no doubt...almost saturated! I chose to use a Cera-based moisturizer as they tend to help hold in the stuff below it (36 coats of essence).

I did wake up with saturated and hydrated skin, so I will certainly use up the other 2 masks I have when I need a (serious) dose of moisture. Have you tried this brand?


Mani Round Up: September 25, 2018

My last September Round Up and I'm still rocking pastel nails! IDOWHATIWANT! Model City Polish Venetian Sunset over Face of Austr...