Thursday, April 4, 2019

March 2019: Favorites & Fails

Can it be April already!?

Hopefully sunshine will come to Connecticut soon, but in the meantime I've already started bringing spring to my nails and wardrobe.

I am doing very well on the No Buy that I plan to continue for April, so let me show you what I reached for in March.


Ooph, actually, now that I am reviewing these, two of the four were purchased in March! But both were more of needs over wants.

My Urban Decay Grindhouse Sharpener was a necessary purchase. The only pencil I use daily is the Urban Decay 24-7 Waterline Pencil in Legend and my 3,502 year old Maybelline sharpener was eating it alive! The Urban sharpener was only $10 and I consider it an investment for my eyeliner.

The Essence Mosaic Blush in The Berry Connection was under $5 and I realized I didn't have a springy, light, matte blush. Essence, in general, has quite a few inexpensive winners! I swatched this, very heavy handed, on my hand below.

If you haven't tried Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Super Skinny Serum, it is also a must try! It is a slick, oil like serum that you put on when your hair is wet. It promises to a) speed up dry time, b) tame frizz, and c) smooth hair. It honestly does ALL three, and very well, at that.

Lastly, I believe you have seen my Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex before. I am almost all out, but at the price, I probably won't repurchase, at least not until I use up the 4 other eyecreams that I have sitting on my vanity. This one, however, is a standout for how well it performs under makeup.


Time for the Flops. Reminder - Flop means flop to me only! You might use these and love them and that is 110% okay! I just tried them, didn't love them, and wouldn't repurchase them.


I received a free sample of the Makeup Remover Cloth in an effort to try to cut down on my face wipes. Unfortunately, this is not the answer for me! It sort of smudged my makeup instead of removing it.

Second, I am surprised by this, too. I received this deluxe sample of Hourglass Extreme Caution Mascara as a 100pt bonus from Sephora. It is a super wet formula, which I normally like, but it is too wet. The brush is not helpful, either. Hourglass is not cheap so I was honestly expecting more. I will certainly use this sample up, but I still need my L'Oreal mascara for separation and to keep it clean.


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