Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Zoya Z-Wide Brush - Initials Thoughts

Hello there!

Zoya sent out a beyond generous box (39, if you counted, which I did...and still wonder - why 39? There was even a piece of tissue in there that could've made it the even I the only one flustered by this?! Yes? Ok...carry on.) of the new Zoya Z-Wide brushes for me to try!

And since I can't possibly use 39 of them (I mean, I can, but why would I want to?), I sent out 10 to My Boyfriend Hates Makeup followers. They will get back to me with their thoughts and I will do a follow up review as I use this more, but I wanted to get a post up ASAP.

Want the spoiler alert now? I ALREADY LOVE THESE.

Let's take a look!
Well, Seth Freakin' Rollins got the first look!


So, it looks promising right off the bat! I have only used Morgan Taylor (hate the formula) and Nina Pro (brush is tooooooo wide) so I haven't had good experiences with wide brushes. Whatevs - past behind us, right?


On the box itself, they compare the size of the regular brush, on the right, to the new Z-Wide brush on the left. Big difference!


I decided to give this brush the ultimate test: a dark, potential cuticle (and life) staining DARK TEAL. (Cue evil laugh!) But, before I show you the mani itself, take a look at the brushes, the difference matches the photos on the box. Nice.


Scroll down a touch so you can see the mani pic and this comment, because I am ALL.ABOUT.THIS.BRUSH. Good job, Zoya! It seems oddly rough to the touch before you submerge it in your polish. I did a few test strokes on a piece of paper and it wasn't looking great. However, once the brush was saturated, my tune changed!

Looooooook at my clean, crisp mani! Did I even do that?! Yes, yes, I did. Woo hoo! The brush comes with the cap attached, so you can just swap it out in the bottle. This wide brush is absolutely living in this polish, which is Zoya Danica, BTW.

Unrelated, but I always wonder if polishes with celeb names (Danica, Teigen, etc) are a collab between person and Zoya, but wouldn't there be a bigger to-do if Chrissy or Nascar decided to collaborate with Zoya? And, if they have no idea until they see the polish, do they love or hate the color? For what it's worth, I hate the shade of the Lacey polish, but the other Lacey blogger (www.laceandlacquers) likes it, so I call it a draw.


Anyway, I already hope Zoya makes the jump to the Z-Wide brushes, but I look forward to updating you on what other people think, as well.

Have you tried the brush yet? What do you think?


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