Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mask of the Week: SooAE Honey Cream Bubble Mask

First, let's just give a brief kudos to Walmart for attempting to keep up with the KB, sheet-masking, trend by offering low cost masks in the stores! CVS has a been selection of actual KB brands, but Walmart is actually trying!

I have tried a couple duds (Watermelon mask, I mean you), but there are also a couple that I would repurchase if needed, like this one, the Honey Cream Bubble Mask by SooAE, a New York brand.



How fun! The bubbles are INTENSE in this packet! The formula begins as a cream/gel type and as you rub it in, it goes on clear and bubbles start to form immediately. Look at my face! They keep growing!


With bubble masks, you need to let the formula foam up AND fizzle down before removing it as the bubbles seep into the skin to draw out the impurities. The sensation feels like any other bubble mask, but if you haven't tried them before, it feels like a)butterfly kisses and b)ants walking all over your face!

There is a light honey smell, which I love, as it is not artificial at all. This bubbled up and fizzled out in about 20 mins total, the perfect mask break time.

Though I prefer legit KB brands, this isn't a bad way to get into masking with easy access.


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