Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ulta Beauty Mask Removing Cloths Review

On a total whim, I bought the Ulta Beauty Mask Removing Cloths. They are a total gimmick, I know, but I do make a mess removing masks sometimes, so I figured, why not? They were $3.99, I believe, and came with 10 cloths.



You simply remove a tablet, run it under warm water, and watch it expand.


It expands to about the size of a paper towel.


You know what? I like it!


The texture is a mix between a wash cloth and a paper towel. It is soft, but sturdy. You simply wipe the mask off your face and then rinse and reuse the cloth. It worked to remove the entire mask, much neater, than ever! I usually have water and mask residue on the counter top, but with this, I did not make a mess, LOL.

Are these necessary? Nope. Do I like them!? Yes. Will I repurchase these? Uuuhhhh...I'd like to say no, but if there is a sale, I have a feeling they may fall in my cart again.

Have you tried them? Would you try them? Could you, would you, in a box? Would you, could you, wearing socks?


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