Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mani Round Up: August 28, 2018

It was a busy week so while I didn't get to do my nails too many times, I made sure to do some stellar eye candy for you anyway. Check it out:


Zoya Payton: Loove this one! I was watching a show where the character had black nails and they looked super chic! I can't deal with black black nails, so I went with dark and sparkly. Payton is perfect in two coats, but hard to photograph!


Ludurana Aurora Boreal: How pretty is this!? I doubt it is a cosmetic grade pigment, LOL. This is, I promise, all the same polish! I did a black basecoat (partially for the look and partially for the protection against this probably car-safe only pigment, LOL) and two coats of AB. This is beyond stunning!


Essie Using My Maiden Name: I love this polish! I was looking for something pastel but special, and this popped into my radar. This is a gorgeous creme formula with a pink shimmer to it - just lovely, opaque in two perfect coats and extra glossy when topped with my trusty Glisten & Glow topcoat.


China Glaze Ahoy over Zoya Nana: Little did I know I had the most amazing hot pink with gold micro glitter sitting in my melmer. Ahoy is amazing! I did one thick coat of Nana for the base because I didn't know how opaque Ahoy was, but next time will suffice with just two, or three, coats of Ahoy.


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