Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mani Round Up: August 21, 2018

How is it August 21st already?! Wasn't it JUST my birthday!?


Zoya Bela: I love this polish! I needed something demure for work after a week's vacation, so I did a coat of Zoya Snow White and added two coats of Bela. It's too sheer on it's own for me, but with white undies, it is Royal ready!


SuperChic Lacquer Fuchsure Drive Me Insane: Love this polish! You have def seen this before. Two perfect coats and topcoat is all you need. This is a great purple shade, but what makes this polish extra special is the gorgeous blue shimmer underneath.


Zoya Kelsey: To be honest, I've been painting my nails less. I am in a wonderful (healthy) relationship and I really enjoy being out with my honey. I've only been doing my nails a few times a week - and wanting to do them even less. We will see how things continue with the Mani Round Up. Anyway, this is Zoya Kelsey, 90% opaque in one coat but deep and glowy with two. I added Glisten & Glow topcoat and that's all she wrote.

(Literally. See what I did there?) Ha!


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