Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mask(s) of the Week: Ole Henricksen Firm Action Mask & Masque Ology Watermelon Moisturizing Glow Mask

In case you can't tell from the fairly constant double masking posts, there are few better ways to pamper my skin than to do a double mask!


So, let me just get this out of the addition to the products above, I also did a double cleanse - and used a face wipe, if we are being super detailed - which does equal out to 15 items. On my face. At once. WHATEVER - people routinely think I am 10+ years younger than I am, so 15 items it is!!!


I've mentioned before, but my order is as follows:
  • Formula 10.0.6 Face Wipe to remove makeup
  • Oil Cleanser (I've been using IT Cosmetics Bye, Bye Makeup - it sucks)
  • Cream Cleanser (Vit E Cream Cleanser by The Body Shop lately)
  • Wonder Pore Toner (1-2x per week)
  • Ole Henricksen Firm Action Mask


This is a heavy cream clay mask. Normally clay masks are quite drying, but this one has a cream consistency that makes it much less so. It does dry tightly to the skin, however, and take some serious effort to wash off. The smell is clay/clean/fresh and it feels cooling going on.

I actually snagged this at TJ Maxx and this was my last use. I don't plan to repurchase with the plethora of KB masks that I already own and love and, frankly, need to use up.


After I washed off the mask, I then applied:
  • LUSH Cosmetics Toner Water
  • TonyMoly Rice Smoothing Toner (not my fave, trying to finish the bottle)
  • The Body Shop Oil of Life Essence (ditto)
  • The Ordinary Niamicide (1-2x per week)
  • The Ordinary Buffet Serum
  • Masque Ology Watermelon Moisturizing Glow Mask



Ugh, where to begin?

It smells like a sweet jolly rancher, is near impossible to unfold, and has!! I know not every mask will fit every face, but come on!! No one has a face like this mask. Lame, lame, lame. I couldn't even enjoy the experience since I kept pulled and adjusting.  Furthermore, the spot I try to target with my skincare, the old lady lines forming on my lip, were not even touched by this mask. I ended up rolling up the chin area to get it to hit my upper lip.

Sigh. Can't win 'em all. Too bad I have another one of these, LOL. I think it came from CVS. Knowing how awful it is, I might just squeeze the essence out of it and just use the essence as is - although that wasn't special, either!


My face was slightly sticky after removal, so I followed it with:

  • eb5 Eye treatment
  • Mario Badescu Neck cream
  • Bite Beauty Lip Mask
  • Shisheido Cream

Have you tried Masque Ology masks? Any better luck on your face?


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