Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mask of the Week: TonyMoly Hydrating Sheet Mask

Lame-o post coming up!

I forgot to take my goofy mask face pic, but you know the drill with TonyMoly, the standard US easy to acquire sheet masks. TM masks are great because there is a clearly labeled solution to any skin problem you may have. Dry skin = Hydrating mask, easy! No need to worry about choosing the wrong solution for what your skin needs at the moment.

The price point is also there, these are under $3 each at Ulta and you can use the $3 off $15 coupon on this brand (and all the KB in store, BTW).


Standard instructions!


I chose to use this fairly late at night, due to the high lavender factor. It was SO relaxing and smelled very lightly of lavender, which is nice when it's right.on.your.face.

TM masks fit well - I believe they are created for the Caucasian face shape, and comfortable to wear. There is a perfect amount of essence and you can leave this on for at least 15 mins without it beginning to dry out.

If you're new to masking, try out TonyMoly! It is easy to pick what you need, the ingredients are gentle, and they are inexpensive and easy to find.


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