Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mask of the Week: Shea Moisture Instant Rebound Mask

In mid-June I went to a wedding (as a guest), which of course required extra skin prep beforehand to make sure I was looking my fly-est.

Enter: Shea Moisture Dragon's Blood & Coffee Cherry Instant Rebound Mask with Black Currant & Borage Oils!

I scooped this little gem at Ulta (of course) BUT! It was on clearance from around $12 to $4 AND I grabbed it on a day when clearance was half off - down to $2, plus I get an employee discount, which brought it down a smidge lower. Hello, bargain!!


This is a wash-off mask, so I did my double cleanse and then added this right away. It says to use a thin layer but YOLO:


Bahaha, great pic, right?! My ear headband was actually from WISH but Ulta sells those now, too, for under $10, I believe. I can't mask properly without my ear headband!!!! (I mean, I'm sure I could, but I wouldn't want to!). Anyway, the mask smells fresh - I don't have a quality sniffer so I am not going to emphasize notes of black currant or anything sophisticated like that. It just smells good! It's thick like a lotion, easy to spread, and easy to wear with no stinging or uncomfortable-ness.

After 10 mins, I washed it off - it does sting the eyes during removal - to review immediately brighter and glowing skin. Love this product!


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