Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mani Round Up: July 31, 2018

Zoya Elements have arrived! I received the 12 piece collection in yet another long, velvet, fancy box. I do like the idea, esp if given as a gift, but they take up a ton of room and I forget which polishes are in which box. Have you seen the boxes? What do you think?

Regardless of the outside packaging, the inside is filled with 12 mauvey, pinky, totally Lacey colors, so expect to see Elements this week!


Zoya Rumor: I couldn't decide which to use first, so I just grabbed Rumor, the first opaque polish on the left side of the box. Can I just say that after 6+ years of blogging, my dislike of metallic polishes with visible stroke lines hasn't changed one bit. But I love this color! Two streak-city coats here and topcoat.


Zoya Jenna: One reason I love Zoya is that the names often make me think of special people with the same name. I wonder if the color matches the person. In this case, I only knew/know one Jenna, from college, and she was a girly girl, so this fits! This is two perfect creamy coats and topcoat. This is everything I wanted in Rumor with no streakies.


Color Club On Cloud Nine: Oooheeee! So.freakin.sparkly! This is two thin coats of CC OC9, it's one of the original holos. I switched to this from Zoya because I knew I wouldn't get back to my nails for a couple days. I was also working at Ulta, so blingy nails are right at home there.


Zoya Taylor: I presented at an event over the past weekend and needed legit adult nails. I did this mani in bed at the hotel and thanks to Glisten & Glow topcoat, it came out great. (The event went great, too, thank you for asking!).


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