Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Mani Round Up: July 3, 2018

Mixed bag this week! Let me show you what I put on my nails last week:


Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Southern Charm: I began the previous week on a somber note, attending a mass for the funeral of a friend's Father. Somber, subtle, and appropriate nails to match - Carrie Underwood's Southern Charm from the collab she did with OPI. My nails are a peeling mess, so I did two coats of Ridge Relief by G&G, followed by two coats of Southern Charm and topped with G&G Topcoat.


Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume: I am sad to say, when I googled Arcane for more info, they closed down in 2016, which apparently makes my polish vintage. Holla! This is a gorgeous medium pink, really a bright peony color, with scattered flakies. It is perfect in two coats.


Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume & Zoya Leia: I was feeling a little extra, so I added two coats of Zoya Leia and WOW! It transformed Glooms into the most amazing 1990's pink frosted lipstick color. I am legit obsessed with this combo!


LCN London Beat: To be honest, I am not sure London Beat is the correct name, but I am fairly sure. This mini came from a nail polish convention that I went to a few years ago but it didn't have a name label. I googled "mushroom grey" colors from LCN and that's the name I came up with, let's go for that. I am trying to use polishes that have been neglected, and I needed professional nails for a work event, so I went with this shroomy neutral. This is two perfect coats and topcoat.


Zoya Aster: In other news, welcome to some left handed pics. I cannot get my right hand to stop peeling or my nails to stop breaking. Aster is a nice polish that needs three coats - I only had time for two here - and I love the shimmer. Apparently, I am all shimmer in the summa.


China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin: This is one of my favorite ugly polishes. I know the mustard meets cantaloupe color is legit awful, but I love it! Two perfect coats and topcoat. Don't worry, I didn't go in public like this!


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