Thursday, July 19, 2018

Breaking My July No-Buy: Stuff I "Needed"

So, July No Buy in full effect.. however, after my June No Buy, I neeeeeeeeded a couple things...(Work with me here, people).

Here is what I purchased and why:



Did ya know I work at Ulta?!

I needed dry shampoo so I grabbed sample of the Batiste tinted dark brown.

I have been lusting after the Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter in Magnificence, but it's very $$ so I snagged this elf palette on clearance hoping for a dupe (no way).

I grabbed the nonni cleansing balm because it was on clearance for $3.

I picked up the Essie Millionails after recommendations, and I needed a new strengthener anyway.

The Essence liner is amazing, thanks to my co-worker Kat for the recommendation, and I needed that as my Kat Von D is drying out.

Lastly, I bought a mini of the new Happy Blur foundation from Benefit, since they discontinued my Pore Minimizer one.  (PS: DONT buy the mini. I got ONE use out of it!)

My only splurge that I didn't somehow need was the Becca Hydra Mist Powder - NO REGRETS, that ish is amazing. I wanted it since reading reviews on The Muse.

See? Not so bad. The other stuff was free gifts w/purchase.



My favorite FB group is my Korean Skincare group, and every once in a while everyone chimes in and agrees on a cult favorite. Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer is one of those and let me tell you, my group didn't let me down. I legit needed a primer, and this is a winner. Bonus: it was $11, super comparable to my Benefit Pore Fessional which is thrice as much.



Lastly, I needed an essence and vitamin C, so I splurged a bit for a KB purchase. eopenmarket has everything I like (minus Klairs) and they sell samples. I purchased theSAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence, samples of Purito Vitamin C and samples of Purito Essence. The masks were on super duper sale (like 6 masks for $3) so I couldn't say no to those, and the samples on the left were free.

So, that rounds up what I purchased in early July. This will no doubt get me through the month! My birthday is August so I am pretty sure that Stila highlighter will be mine, but other than that, I am pretty well stocked up!


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