Thursday, June 7, 2018

May 2018: Favorites and Flops

Now that it is June, can we finally get some warm weather in Connecticut? No? Uh,'s literally like 50-something degrees out and raining right now. There is no hope.

Anyway, now that I have thoroughly depressed myself, let us bring some brightness back in and let me show you my favorites (and a couple flops) for May.


Blistex Conditioning Lip Serum: Oof, this stuff is just magic. It feels like a primer or serum, it's got  silky feel to it, zero scent, and as it says on the packaging, literally ONE drop and your lips feel instantly refreshed. Of the approximately 2,830 lip balms I own, this is one of the top 10.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: This bottle is a step up from a roller ball size and a step down from full size, perfect for travel. It smells fresh and floraly - the co-workers and the boyfriend all like it. I plan to keep this in my purse all summer. The applicator is a roller ball, too, which is nice.

Wet n Wild Matte Finish Setting Spray: Lately, my makeup has been looking cakey, and I think that's because I use an obnoxious amount of setting powder to achieve a matte, porcelain doll face. I decided to snag this $5 gem and see if I could get away with this instead of a powder, at least for the summer. So far, so good!

ELF Tinted Lip Oil in Pink Kiss: I just posted my review about this, too, if you want more details HERE, but suffice to say, it's just lovely. It has the tiniest bit of pinky color, applies and feels like a gloss/oil hybrid, and has a cute lil applicator. Nice! Swatched below:


Uh oh...time for the Flops!


Hard Candy Matte Drops: Again, in my quest to become a porcelain doll, I picked up these Hard Candy Matte Drops for about $6 at Walmart (of course, not my local one because it has the worst makeup displays ever). There is nothing "Drops" about this product - it's a thick, almost lotion-like product that laughs at the included dropper. If you wear it solo, fine. If you think you'll be able to add it to your foundation, don't bother. Womp, womp.

Ulta Beauty On-The-Go-Cleansing Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes: Looking back on past posts, I see that I included a version of Formula 10.0.6's wipes last Flops, too. Apparently I am super picky about my face wipes! These smell like old baby powder, they shed on you, and they remove NOTHING from your face!!

Anything you loved or hated this month!? Do you know the correct way to use the Hard Candy Matte Drops!? Drop a line in the comments.


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