Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mani Round Up: June 5, 2018


This week I am determined to use the Zoya Sunshine collection.


Zoya Sandy: No one does the mid-tone, blue-based pinks like Zoya!! Sandy reminds me of a personal favorite, Shelby (also my dogs name), or Kitridge, but a little more lilacy. So very pretty, opaque in two quick coats, and fast to dry.


Zoya Clementine: I saw a Sunshine collex review where the blogger thought Clem was the highlight of the collection. I disagree, but it's pretty. It's so shimmery that it veers dangerously into metallic territory, which veers dangerously into streak city. It was sheer, so this is three coats and topcoat.


Zoya Virginia: I swear this doesn't give me lobster hands in real life!! In fact, I am legit obsessed with this color and plan to rock it all summer long! This is a perfect 1 coat creme, but I did two because IDOWHATIWANT. Love this one.


Zoya Karen: Do you see much of a difference between this and Virginia? This is the slightest bit cherry redder than the one above. I am surprised to see such close polishes in the same collection, to be honest. This applied beautifully, though, in two perfect coats. (I just swatched this so I could pass it on to my friend, Karen!)


Zoya Snow White: Zoya included this in the Bridal collection from the Spring that was mostly re-releases and one new shade, Brighton. Snow White is your regular white creme - every collection needs one. Is this the best? Not really - I actually think Sinful Colors does it better, but this is handy to have. Two coats as undies for the next color...


Zoya Loretta over Zoya Snow White: Huh..do you really see some color? I kinda don't. Loretta would be ideal for the bride who never wears polish but wanted to look slightly more polished (HA) on her special day. Meh to me!


For work on Sat., I just added a white, clearly freehanded, tip to mask the tipwear!


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