Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mani Round Up: June 19, 2018

I promised a much more stellar week than last, and I don't want to disappoint, so I whipped out some gorgeous indies!


Nire's Desire Lemon Ice: Last week, I went to cheer on the athlete's at the Special Olympics in New Haven, CT - go team Glastonbury! I wanted fun, cheerful, super bright nails. What other color is there besides neon yellow to fit the bill?! Two coats are all you need - no streaks, just a perfect polish.


Nire's Desire Lingerie:  Hello, gorgeous! You can't see it well in the pic, but this polish has the slightly pink tint to it that makes it SO flattering. Again, two coats are all you need for opaque perfection.


SuperChic Lacquer Fuchsure Drive Me Insane: Honestly, the name of the polish drives me insane but I looooove it. You can't see how bright the blue shift is here, but trust me, it's lovely. This is two quick coats and topcoat. So pretty!


Orly Prelude to a Kiss: Seriously, my favorite polish color ever. Now discontinued. I post this on Instagram with the following caption:

Dear @orlynails,
If you have any of this left at the warehouse, please let me take it off your hands and put it on mine. Thank you - #myboyfriendhatesmakeup.

I'll let you know if they respond! Fingers crossed!


Literary Lacquers As The Waltz Was Ending: Longtime readers (Holla!) will remember this glorious polish! I got to name and design the color and finish when Amy did her first Community Collection with polishes created by bloggers. I was so honored to be included and this polish is still so freakin' stunning. One of my Top 5 for sure!

BTW, I checked on the website and it is no longer for sale. Officially coveting mine and stashing my spare bottle away!!

Well, this was much improved over last week, right?!


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