Thursday, June 28, 2018

John Freida Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Treatment

For the past year, I have been in the process of returning to my natural, dark brunette hair color, thanks to my super star stylist - Hi Tasha!

In between coloring appts, I was looking for a way to stop my hair from turning into a red, brassy nightmare. I already purchased the John Freida Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo and Conditioner and love them. I am not so sure about the color depositing powers, but I love how soft, vibrant, and shiny that my hair is, so I will keep using it.

I wanted something a little more, and the red was creeping back up, so I decided to grab the 3rd item in this line, the Colour Deepening Treatment.


My first impression was that I am an idiot. No, seriously. I read the directions, posted below for your enjoyment, and was super confused.

See the line - "Start with the blahblah Shampoo. Massage a generous amount of treatment..." OK-wait.

Do you RINSE the shampoo then apply the treatment and then rinse that out?!


Do you shampoo in and then add the treatment and then rinse out together?!

I looked on the JF help. I looked at the Ulta help. So, I did the only logical thing left in my wheelhouse - I text my stylist and my co-worker stylist (Hi Kenzie!) and also crowd surfed the answer in a beauty group ( Hello, Coven!).

Aaaaaaaaaaand I got a slew of different answers, LOL.


Anyway, so I finally decided to proceed with caution. I shampooed my hair, rinsed it, added the treatment, rinsed it, then added conditioner and rinsed it. I know I didn't keep the treatment on for the full ten mins, I was in the shower after all, and I only have so many (2) legs to shave to occupy my time.

Check out my before (dirty messy hair - and also LEFT) and my after (blow dried hair, RIGHT):


Do you see a difference?! I swear I do. The reddish tones are slightly faded and my hair looks a little more chocolately. Furthermore, my hair is SO incredibly soft, thick, lush, full, and every other positive descriptive word that I can think of - it's basically perfect.

Also, FYI, the product itself, once I decided how to tackle it, had no fragrance. It washed clean out without staining myself or my shower.

I do want to use this again, maybe in a week or so, and leave it on for longer, to see if there is a difference. I do have super thick hair, so perhaps I will shampoo, rinse, then get OUT of the shower and apply this for like 20 mins. Do you think that will help!?

Have you tried this or the blonde lightening version?! Any tips or suggestions for me to try next time?


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