Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mask of the Week: Naisture White Rose

I will have a post for you soon about some real life meets accidental KB shopping I did recently. One of my picks was this mask, a White Rose sheet mask by Naisture.



I bought this from an Asian grocery store, so there weren't many mask options, but I did try a few by this brand.


I am glad I only bought a couple. The fit on this mask is awful! The sheet itself is that super thick, feels like a weird towel consistency. If you mask often, you've experienced this type of sheet for sure. There was also SO much essence that the pouch knocked itself over and spilled all over - yes, there was enough for a legit spill! My skin felt fine after removal - nothing to write home (or blog) about, really. Not bad, not great. Meh!


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