Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mask of the Week: ElishaCoy Brightening Ampoule Solution Mask


I am in looove with this mask!

If you want a product with instant looking results, this is it!



Did you get the sense that I loved this!?  I picked this up at CVS for like $3, more than I usually spend on a sheet mask but sometimes I get caught up in the KBeauty at the Drugstore excitement!


The mask smells like a very light floral, just clean, nothing strong at all. It fits like a glove. There was enough essence to rub on my arms and legs. It didn't dry out at all.

Thirty mins later, I removed it to reveal the most even toned, bright, zero redness, plump, firm, soft skin EVER! I need to buy this in bulk ten times over!


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