Thursday, May 24, 2018

K-Beauty Shopping IRL!

I am so excited about this post!

I am dating a new (wonderful, amazing, handsome, brilliant, etc) guy who lives in a city much more diverse than my hometown. In addition to lots of new restaurant options, there are also small grocery and ethnic stores to cater to the different populations in town. I saw an Asian grocery store and was desperate to go in to see if there were any beauty offerings.

Low and behold - my first IN PERSON K-B experience!

Let me just sit down for a sec. This place had sheet masks in two spots and a variety of soaps - like, for the body, in a third section. I purchased 4 sheet masks, all for $2 or under each, from Naisture and It's Skin, 1 rose oil soap that smells just divine for $2, and a toner like product for $6. My total purchase (with candy added!) was under $30, so I was psyched!


Unfortunately, I didn't look at the Eskinol ingredients and it is basically a Clinique toner in a Korean made bottle.  I did try it and the alcohol denat was just extremely overbearing. I may try that again in the summer when my skin needs a little oil control.

If you live in CT and know where else I should go for KB, please LMK in the comments!


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