Thursday, April 19, 2018

#ShowYourSpringSkin April 2018 Instagram Challenge

Thanks to my KB group, I joined a super cool Instagram challenge that ran from April 8-17. It was hosted by KBeauties @vnlin_ and @kimono_kat.

I had a great time doing this so I thought I would re-cap the 10 day challenge here!


Day 1) FIRST CLEANSER: Y'all know my LUSH Cosmetics Ultrabland never leaves my routine. No matter what time of year, I use this constantly.


Day 2) SECOND CLEANSER: I haven't found a steady second cleanser that I love, so I do swap between a few. The Body Shop Vit E is creamy and the Cosmetea cleanser is a gel, which I think I will favor more come warmer temps.


Day 3) EXFOLIATOR: The Exuviance product is too strong for all over, so I apply that just on my nose. The SkinFood Pineapple Peeling Gel is awesome for once a week usage.


Day 4) TONER: This is another product that I need to work on for my routine. I haven't found any I love. This TonyMoly is too gel-like and thick for my liking, but I will keep using it.


Day 5) ESSENCE: This is my favorite step! I love the silky feel of an essence. My favorite, Boscia Sake Hydrating, is too expensive for me right now (My pupper has the 'betus) so I will continue to use up my back ups. I really enjoy the Vit E line from The Body Shop, but it's a little thick. The Secret Key is too liquidy and I have no idea where it goes in the routine.


Day 6) SERUM/AMPOULE: I am in lurve with the Scinic Honey AIO Ampoule! This product is raved about in my KB group so much that I finally just bought it. The reviews were well worth it and the hype is 100% legit! Love!


Day 7) MOISTURIZER(s): Yeah, that plural is all me. I like all of these for different reasons. The Body Shop Vit E line is just great. The GlamGlow Matte smells like creamsicle, the TonyMoly Seaweed Aqua Moisture is gentle, the Clinique Moisture Surge is great when you need a boost of hydration, the Mario Bedescu has collagen for extra anti-aging, and the Innisfree Orchid Lotion is also just lovely.


Day 8) SLEEPING MASK: I will use this more in the summer, so I thought it proper for the SpringSkin prompt. This is a gel mask that is light, refreshing, and moisturizing.


Day 9) SPOT TREATMENT: I am lucky enough not to need an arsenal of spot treatments, but I do keep CosRX Pimple Patches on hand always.


Day 10) YOUR CHOICE: I am beyond obsessed with the ElishaCoy Brightening Ampoule Mask! Guess where I got it?! CVS.


That's it! Love or hate any of these?!


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