Thursday, April 26, 2018

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Review


Today I have a short review of a much loved product in the polish community, the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat! I got a sample to try out and wanted to share my thoughts.



This is quite the multi-tasker! You can use it as a basecoat, which I did and will, or use it by itself. It should help to strengthen the nails over time and it should immediately make the nails brighter and whiter with it's tinted formula.

Before you keep scrolling to see my pics, let me say that my nails are stained beyond belief! I keep them painted and pretty for just that reason! I clean and buff and soak in denture cleaner and no go - they just look like this now.  I didn't have much hope for the PF Pink Gel.

ONE coat:


Figures! Yep, this doesn't do much. It makes the pink of the nail pinker, but there are no white parts of my nails to brighten, LOL.

Hm...let's add another coat?

TWO coats:


Helpful! I can definitely see a difference in the photos and in person, too. My nails are still gross though, LOL, and I wouldn't wear them like that. If you're a normal person who has normal colored nails, this might be all you need to look polished and perfect! Me - not so much.

Well, since it isn't going to work solo for me, I will use it as a basecoat. For starters, I used three thin coats of Essie Ballet Slippers. It wasn't as opaque as I liked, so I also used the Pink Gel as a topcoat and then added a coat of G&G to speed up the process.

Used as topcoat over Essie Ballet Slippers:


It adds a finished and polished (heh) look that I really like! And in other lights, it makes the pink polish seem almost glowy or luminescent!

Isn't that pretty?! I will definitely use up this little sample. I am not 110% sure I will repurchase since I cannot wear this alone, but I certainly encourage others to try it! Will you pick this up? Have you tried it before?


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