Thursday, March 22, 2018

Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin Hand and Body System Review

A couple weeks ago, I was sent a surprise package from Zoya.  Not nail polish, not lipstick, but instead, something brand new!


I present to you the Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin Hand and Body System!



Could Zoya be looking to compete with Julep by adding skincare to their lineup?! We shall see what the future holds, but it is certainly looking that way.

The kit I received came with two bottles - one with serum and one with a cream. The serum, like a face serum (which I love and use nightly) is supposed to sink deep into the skin and penetrate the dryness.  The cream (which you use second) is supposed to lock in the serum and help deeper penetration into the skin.

As someone who does 9+ steps nightly on her face, I am ALL FOR a 2 part hand cream. If you're not to high maintenance, you might not like this extra step.

ALSO - don't use this on your face. I used it on my neck and it was a bit tightening feeling. It says specifically not face, so I broke the rules and tried it for you. No face.



I wanted to see if using this system, as opposed to the (amazing) lemon handcreme I toss in my purse, would really make a difference.  I decided to use the system, both steps, twice per day for a week to see if I could see any difference. The system is supposed to restore the moisture barrier - so there should be some physical changes, right?







Well. Do you see a difference? I don't really.

I do have some thoughts!

First, this whole experience feels LUX. As I mentioned, I love every step of my skincare, so a two part system for my hands just felt special! Unfortunately, the cream smells like fake plastic flowers. I tried to get my Mom to use this and she couldn't get past the smell.

I am not sure if I would feel the same if I just used regular hand cream 2x per day, because I don't. Maybe 1x per day if I think about it, but never as religiously constant as I was in a week with this system.

I did notice that my cuticles were much less dry than usual, considering it is a New England winter that won't quit. I have had zero hang nails and literally no fussing with my cuticles. I have been using just the serum on my nails after I remove polish and before I apply more, so I do think that that has made a difference. However, I don't use cuticle cream regularly either, so again, is it the product or the frequency?! I am not 110% that it is the product system alone.

So, thank you to Zoya for letting me try this! I appreciate the entire experience and my hands do feel nice. I don't think I would re-purchase this, personally, but if you can get past the (strong) scent, and you like the two steps, it does feel quite fancy!

Have you heard of the new Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin Hand and Body System? Will you try it?


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