Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mask(s) of the Week: Montagne Anti Stress Peel Off Mask, IOPE Whitegen Facial Mask

You guys, I am obsessed with IOPE! It is a Korean skincare brand that is just lovely! My favorite line has been the Whitegen line, specializing in brightening the skin.

I decided to purchase a couple Whitegen masks to see how I liked them compared to the other products. I paired this double mask sesh with a Montagne Peel Off Mask for anti-stress. I know now better than to use a peel off mask (if you don't know, it rips the skin off your face! Too rough!) but I want to use up what I've purchased in the past.


The peeling mask was as awful as I figured. I double cleansed my face and then added this. First of all, it's CLEAR, so you can't really see where you've spread it or how thickly. Second, it doesn't dry well, or quickly, or evenly. Third, you will pull off healthy skin in addition to the dead stuff. No repurchase here.


Anyway, after I did some damage, I followed with my toner, essence, emulsion, and serum. Then it was time for my IOPE mask!


So, instead of the mask being pre-saturated, the essence came in a different pouch! (PS: pouch is one of my favorite words to say. Say it. I'll wait.)


Non-English directions basically say put the essence in the mask, mush it around to saturate evenly, then put on your face. Easy enough!


So, the mask was easy to prep and to saturate with the essence. I opened the little plastic cover, dripped the essence over it, closed the little cover, smushed the essence around, and we were good to go.

Problem though - was this mask made for a giant?! Now, I don't have a small dome by any stretch, so considering this went from above my hairline to well below my chin was a little odd. This mask is XL! LOL. It was so big it even wrinkled across my face!

Mask fitting odd enough, but otherwise, I loved this! There was more than enough essence to saturate the mask and then some. My skin was left visibly brighter and so smooth to the touch. My love for IOPE continues!


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