Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mask(s) of the Week: The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Pollution Mask, Burt's Bee's Lip Mask, FlashPatch Eye Patches, LUKE and Garnier Skinactive Hydrating Moisturizer

Epic multi-mask sesh with some highs and lows!


First, I started with the ahmaaaaayzing The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea anti-pollution mask. This lovely smelling, light green concoction is slightly exfoliating while getting the environmental gunk out of your pores. I love this stuff, but it is a little strong (meaning my skin gets a little red), so I only use it 1x/week, if that.


I then followed up my Matcha mask with a triple spot treatment of eye masks (decent, not sticky, fell off if I moved), nose pore strip (Pro Tip: CUT the sides off so it only goes on your nose and not the delicate skin around it), and brand new Burt's Bee's lip mask.

FYI: The lip mask is AWFUL - and I don't say that about too many BB products. It is a single piece of paper, pretty dry, tossed into the package all by itself. It was wrinkled and drying. FAIL.


After I finished that, I ended with a thick coat of the Garnier Skinactive Hydrating Moisturizer. This is a new-ish 3-in-1 that can be a day cream, night cream, or overnight mask. In other words, it's a cream :) Not bad!

You'll see the BB Lip Mask in Feb fails, for sure, but The Body Shop Matcha is a winner everytime.


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