Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mask of the Week: Goodal Orchid Lifting Mask

Mask of the Week...staring the feet, toes, and head of my kitten, Roman Reigns!



I wasn't looking to solve any issues with my skin, but I wanted to do a sheet mask, so I chose the Goodal Orchid Lifting Mask from my stash. (Yeah, I have a stash of sheet masks. It's an issue, I know.) I am currently in love with my Innisfree Orchid Lotion so I figured the same scent family would be nice.


Pretty much daily, Roman plays with a pipe cleaner. This night, he chose to play with it on my photography space.


That's the back of his head, above.


He also thinks anything made of paper is a toy, including non paper that sounds like paper, like my masks. One quick sniff to check it out and then he is back to his pipe cleaner.

Oh, what was that? How was the mask!? Ha! Almost forgot about that. Thanks for asking.

It's great! I love the fabric - it's a heavier mask with an almost fabric like feel to it. It clings to the face well and stays well. There is plenty of essence, enough to rub on your neck, chest, arms, and even legs while you're letting the mask set. The scent is lovely - orchids dont really have a scent - but this smells  clean and fresh, not floraly.

I kept it on for at least 20 mins and there was no signs of drying at all. It was just as moist when I removed it as when I applied it, which is a little odd, but my face felt quite refreshed, moist, and bright. 

I am definitely a Goodal fan and look forward to trying another mask.


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