Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018: Favorites & Flops

Welcome to Month 2 of Favorites and Flops!

Let me show you what I loved in February:


I loved Dry Bar Prep Rally!
I loved Julep No Excuses Invisible Sunscreen!
I loved Christian Dior Rose Glow lip balm!
I loved Zoya Erika!
I loved Becca Blushed with Light blush trio!

Let me tell you a bit about each!

Dry Bar Prep Rally is a primer and detangler spray, used before any styling treatment or just on it's own. I have super thick, prone to snarl hair, so this has been a miracle worker. It is definitely on the expensive side, so I am happy that I got to sample a small bottle before committing, but I am in love, so it's worth the splurge for me.  

Julep No Excuses Sunscreen is an amazing gel sunscreen that plays nicely under makeup. I will def need a less expensive alternative soon, but this is great. It doesn't smell like sunscreen at all, goes on smoothly, and works with my makeup.

This Christian Dior Rose Glow balm has been around this blog quite a few times! The subtle rose scent is lovely and the balm is so effective that if I use it overnight, I wake up with lips so moisturized I have no lip lines! 

Zoya Erika came from the Bridal Bliss collection. It isn't a new shade, just a new-to-me shade that I love!

Lastly, the Becca Blushed with Light blush trio is something I have been reaching for daily, specifically Wisteria, the lightest matte pink on the left.


 Becca Blushed with Light blush trio includes, from L to R, Wisteria, Songbird, Snap Dragon. Swatched below with Wisteria on top.



Flops! Here is what I discovered that I don't love very much in February.


First, the first flop is ME! I didn't realize that I also tagged the Farsali Unicorn drops as a flop last month. It was on my mind since I finally finished it, but I should've checked my own blog before re-posting! LOL. Anyway, I still don't like it and won't repurchase!

The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is another flop. I bought it, without getting a sample first, because of the awesome reviews. I hated it! The texture was super gloopy and slimy and it only pilled on my face. I ended up using this on my feet.

And finally, the brand new Benefit Bad Gal Bang! mascara has also made the flop list. I received this gratis at work and I will use it, but never on it's own! This is a big plastic bristle brush with a very, very, very wet formula. It is prone to entering clump city the second you apply it. Since the formula is wet, it is also heavy, and therefore it doesn't help to curl the lashes at all. I do like this after I use my Maybelline Butterly mascara, but on it's own, it's just awful.

Have you tried any of these products? Like or dislike? LMK in the comments!


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