Thursday, March 29, 2018

Seasonal Makeup Swap

I can freely admit that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to makeup.

Each season, and sometimes more often, I will change up my daily makeup holder (caboodle) to reflect my current coloring or seasonal preferences. I have my "other" makeup in storage so I pull everything out, dump it all over the floor, and then start to rebuild my makeup from scratch.

This time, Roman Wigglehips Reigns decided to help (read: steal things).



I also swatched as I went to see what I wanted to include and what was getting the axe.


I am also trying (TRYING) to declutter as I sort. Sometimes I cannot part with anything and other times, like the night I did this, I went WILD and threw out over 30 items!!

I tossed items that were 90% used, items that came from sub boxes that weren't my color, sample items from companies, and old stuff. I realized a few items came from a friend I haven't spoken with in over two years, so, clearly, it was time to throw that stuff out.

Here is what I tossed:



And here is my new Spring Makeup setup:


In the bottom, we have foundations, BB Creams, and powders. On the left, the top section has my daily pre-makeup moisturizer, eye shadows, blushes, and highlighters. The section below that has primers and sunscreen. On the top right, we have mascaras, eyebrow products too big for the middle section, and a couple random things, like eyeshadow brushes and a sharpener. The middle right has eyeliners and eyebrow products.

And there you have it!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mani Round Up: March 27, 2018


Featuring indies to royal inspired nails this week.



I Love Nail Polish Iconic: I am in LOVE with this polish. Even my co-workers (at Ulta) asked if that was a dip powder or something I had done at a salon. Nope and nope!! This is three coats - two is fine but that 3rd coat adds beautiful depth and MOARSPARKLE - and topcoat. These were my St. Patty's Day nails.


Essie Ballet Slippers: After St. Patty's Day with sparkly nails, I wanted a palette cleanser mani. I picked up the UK Royal polish choice, Essie Ballet Slippers. I recently received a sample of the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat so I used that as the basecoat and a topcoat, followed by G&G, of course. I did three thin coats of BS, but could've used a 4th, womp womp.


Glisten & Glow Peachy Keen: I bought this from the Holo Hook Up monthly box. I joined the group for the box after I saw posts of this gorgeous peachy holo on IG. I found someone sweet enough to split the box with me. This is two perfect coats and topcoat. I am going to try this over a bright peach to see if I can get it peachier.


Orly Prelude to a Kiss: No need for details, yall already know this is, hands down, my favorite polish ever.


Literary Lacquers Flopsy: Ending the week on a high note!! I love this polish!!!!! It is sheer, so I did three coats and even a thin fourth coat on my pinky nails to make sure there was no VNL - visible nail line. Plus, a third coat just makes this deeper and even more vibrant.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mask of The Week: Josie Maran Lavender Citrus Whipped Mud Mask

Have I blogged about this purple, creamy beauty before? I may have, but I now have purple face photos, so here we are again!

I needed a nice, thick mask - which I always feel I need after a night of neglect - so I chose whipped mud. STRAIGHT UP MUD TO THE FACE! The official, extra-long, name for this is Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment.



Most mud masks are for drying out the skin and clarifying it, freeing your pores from yucky stuff. I do find most too drying. This one is different, with the addition of the argan and other hydrating ingredients. AND IT IS PURPLE.


This is a quick but effective mask! Keep it on just 5-10 mins and you'll feel it tighten slightly as it dries. It does NOT dry down fully (at least it doesn't if you follow directions) and is not tightening to the skin after it is rinsed. Instead, your skin feels delightfully soft and looks incredibly bright and clear.

The lavender in the mask is not overwhelming at all, by the way, so I didn't mind the essential oil fragrance on my skin. It is relaxing, not intense, to use.

I follow this with my normal steps (toner, emulsion, essence, serum, eye cream, neck cream, moisturizer, night mask) but a non skincare nut case might just follow it with a moisturizer and feel hydrated enough!


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin Hand and Body System Review

A couple weeks ago, I was sent a surprise package from Zoya.  Not nail polish, not lipstick, but instead, something brand new!


I present to you the Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin Hand and Body System!



Could Zoya be looking to compete with Julep by adding skincare to their lineup?! We shall see what the future holds, but it is certainly looking that way.

The kit I received came with two bottles - one with serum and one with a cream. The serum, like a face serum (which I love and use nightly) is supposed to sink deep into the skin and penetrate the dryness.  The cream (which you use second) is supposed to lock in the serum and help deeper penetration into the skin.

As someone who does 9+ steps nightly on her face, I am ALL FOR a 2 part hand cream. If you're not to high maintenance, you might not like this extra step.

ALSO - don't use this on your face. I used it on my neck and it was a bit tightening feeling. It says specifically not face, so I broke the rules and tried it for you. No face.



I wanted to see if using this system, as opposed to the (amazing) lemon handcreme I toss in my purse, would really make a difference.  I decided to use the system, both steps, twice per day for a week to see if I could see any difference. The system is supposed to restore the moisture barrier - so there should be some physical changes, right?







Well. Do you see a difference? I don't really.

I do have some thoughts!

First, this whole experience feels LUX. As I mentioned, I love every step of my skincare, so a two part system for my hands just felt special! Unfortunately, the cream smells like fake plastic flowers. I tried to get my Mom to use this and she couldn't get past the smell.

I am not sure if I would feel the same if I just used regular hand cream 2x per day, because I don't. Maybe 1x per day if I think about it, but never as religiously constant as I was in a week with this system.

I did notice that my cuticles were much less dry than usual, considering it is a New England winter that won't quit. I have had zero hang nails and literally no fussing with my cuticles. I have been using just the serum on my nails after I remove polish and before I apply more, so I do think that that has made a difference. However, I don't use cuticle cream regularly either, so again, is it the product or the frequency?! I am not 110% that it is the product system alone.

So, thank you to Zoya for letting me try this! I appreciate the entire experience and my hands do feel nice. I don't think I would re-purchase this, personally, but if you can get past the (strong) scent, and you like the two steps, it does feel quite fancy!

Have you heard of the new Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin Hand and Body System? Will you try it?


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mani Round Up: March 20, 2018

I am SO behind lately...I feel like I am forgetting everything - including the mani round up! Here we go!


Zoya Avril: Pretty sure I did this by candlelight during one of the recent, many, loses of power in CT. Regardless, this color is gorgeous and I will reach for it often. It was a re-release from the recent Bridal collection.


Glam Polish Tiny Dancer over Zoya Avril: In this week's installment of I wanted my nails done without re-doing them, I added two coats of Tiny Dancer over Avril. Tiny Dancer is pretty, but very sheer, so it needs a white or near white base coat. This is two coats.


Nire's Desire Anam Cara: I've been thinking INDIE lately and this is another favorite. Anam Cara has gorgeous green shimmer throughout the deep periwinkle base. This is two coats and topcoat.


Emily de Molly Deep Sea Coral: Another gorgeous polish - too bad it doesn't photograph true to color. IRL it is much more coral/orange instead of this watermelon/magenta. Either way, three thin coats and topcoat is perfection.


butterLONDON Two Fingered Salute: Is this St. Patty's Day in a bottle or what?! BL isn't an indie, but it's def not a Sally or something, LOL. This is three thin coats and topcoat. Love it!


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mask(s) of the Week: Montagne Anti Stress Peel Off Mask, IOPE Whitegen Facial Mask

You guys, I am obsessed with IOPE! It is a Korean skincare brand that is just lovely! My favorite line has been the Whitegen line, specializing in brightening the skin.

I decided to purchase a couple Whitegen masks to see how I liked them compared to the other products. I paired this double mask sesh with a Montagne Peel Off Mask for anti-stress. I know now better than to use a peel off mask (if you don't know, it rips the skin off your face! Too rough!) but I want to use up what I've purchased in the past.


The peeling mask was as awful as I figured. I double cleansed my face and then added this. First of all, it's CLEAR, so you can't really see where you've spread it or how thickly. Second, it doesn't dry well, or quickly, or evenly. Third, you will pull off healthy skin in addition to the dead stuff. No repurchase here.


Anyway, after I did some damage, I followed with my toner, essence, emulsion, and serum. Then it was time for my IOPE mask!


So, instead of the mask being pre-saturated, the essence came in a different pouch! (PS: pouch is one of my favorite words to say. Say it. I'll wait.)


Non-English directions basically say put the essence in the mask, mush it around to saturate evenly, then put on your face. Easy enough!


So, the mask was easy to prep and to saturate with the essence. I opened the little plastic cover, dripped the essence over it, closed the little cover, smushed the essence around, and we were good to go.

Problem though - was this mask made for a giant?! Now, I don't have a small dome by any stretch, so considering this went from above my hairline to well below my chin was a little odd. This mask is XL! LOL. It was so big it even wrinkled across my face!

Mask fitting odd enough, but otherwise, I loved this! There was more than enough essence to saturate the mask and then some. My skin was left visibly brighter and so smooth to the touch. My love for IOPE continues!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throw Back Thursday: My Bangs Edition

Do I need a caption with this? LOL. They say the color hair you have as a child is really your most flattering. Did you think they meant the cut, too? #throwbackThursdayLaceyEdition


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mani Round Up: March 13, 2018

Another week, another round up!


Illamasqua Nomad: I love Illamasqua!! I wish Sephora still sold the brand. Nomad is a cool, jade, almost teal jade in color. I own nothing else like it EXCEPT these amazing earrings I picked up from TJ Maxx for $15. I used this color to match the dainty crystal on the earrings. I will try to remember to post a photo of me in the earrings, but it is a perfect match with a perfect two coat polish.


Bella Luna Cosmetics Once Upon a Dream: How beautiful is this? I wasn't looking for this - I was looking for a polish I still.cant.find, honestly, but once I spotted this, I was psyched. This is two perfect coats and G&G topcoat.

AND THEN I broke my middle finger, like right after I took this photo. Figuressssssssss.


Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Cuts In My Heart: See that middle finger? Sigh. It always breaks on me, every single time it gets about as long as the Bella Luna photo. Anywayzzz, Cuts In My Heart is fixing my heart about the break because this color is beyond stunning. Julie makes her polishes a little thicker so they can be one coaters - yas, this is ONE coat!!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mask of the Week: Goodal Orchid Lifting Mask

Mask of the Week...staring the feet, toes, and head of my kitten, Roman Reigns!



I wasn't looking to solve any issues with my skin, but I wanted to do a sheet mask, so I chose the Goodal Orchid Lifting Mask from my stash. (Yeah, I have a stash of sheet masks. It's an issue, I know.) I am currently in love with my Innisfree Orchid Lotion so I figured the same scent family would be nice.


Pretty much daily, Roman plays with a pipe cleaner. This night, he chose to play with it on my photography space.


That's the back of his head, above.


He also thinks anything made of paper is a toy, including non paper that sounds like paper, like my masks. One quick sniff to check it out and then he is back to his pipe cleaner.

Oh, what was that? How was the mask!? Ha! Almost forgot about that. Thanks for asking.

It's great! I love the fabric - it's a heavier mask with an almost fabric like feel to it. It clings to the face well and stays well. There is plenty of essence, enough to rub on your neck, chest, arms, and even legs while you're letting the mask set. The scent is lovely - orchids dont really have a scent - but this smells  clean and fresh, not floraly.

I kept it on for at least 20 mins and there was no signs of drying at all. It was just as moist when I removed it as when I applied it, which is a little odd, but my face felt quite refreshed, moist, and bright. 

I am definitely a Goodal fan and look forward to trying another mask.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

February 2018: Empties and Tossed Report

Another month, another round of Empties and Tossed!


This month, I finished up 15 full size and deluxe products. I decided not to add things like shampoo and conditioner and body wash, but I will include makeup, skincare, and hair care extras.


Like last month, I won't go into detail about all of them. Instead, I want to mention some standout products.


Formula 10.0.6 Wipe Your Face Off Wipes: LOVE these, but you already know that.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner: I love this stuff! I even bought a backup bottle already. It hardly has a scent and it is super immediately hydrating. Huge fan!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown: My Ulta manager used this on my brows and I purchased it! He did such a good job and I loved using it, too. It's a tad expensive for the small amount of product though, so I purchased the NYX Micro Pencil, which is supposed to be a dupe, instead.

NYC New York Minute Clear: N.Y.C. as a brand is gone, so bye bye to my staple swatching base and topcoat. I have a few bottles left, thank goodness.

LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: I think I've mentioned this enough times also, right?

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream: File this under loved but can't afford! The entire Sulwhasoo line seems amazing but it is out of my price range! This cream was thick, lux, and effective.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Color Correcting Cream: Re-purchase times a thousand! This is a full coverage cream that is your moisturizer, concealer, and foundation all in one.


I also used 5 sample packets...uh oh! I need to get those back into rotation! The standout item here is another Sulwhasoo product, the Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask. I used this as a sleeping mask! I still can't afford a full size, so I bought a ton of samples. It makes my skin visibly radiant by morning.



I am throwing out a very old Ole Henricksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel Roll on, three dried up nail glue bottles, and an old e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator that just needed to go!

Empties Report February 2018 Total: 47 Empties & 31 Packets!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mani Round Up: March 6, 2018

Every week, I am amazed by how much time has gone by since the last post. Why? LOL.


SinfulColors SinfulShine I'm Blushing: I vowed to skip my Zoya collection this week, so I reached into the back of the neutral drawer of the melmer and pulled out this baby. Since I had to shape my nails into a more oval, almond shape, I figured a pastel color would really make my nails look like proper Jordan Almonds. I did two coats of I'm Blushing and topped it with Glisten&Glow topcoat.


SuperChic Lacquer/Wonder Beauty Chantilly Lace: In the next installment of I wanted my nails done but didn't want to do my nails, I topped I'm Blushing with two coats of Chantilly Lace by SuperChic. This is one of my oldest polishes, it is at least 6 years old, and still works fantastically. I did two coats and another round of G&G topcoat.


Zoya Serenity: Oops! I had to cram in a mani before work, and the other recipe for a quick and smudge-free mani is 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy, 1 coat of a one coater Zoya creme, and 1 coat of G&G topcoat. This polish is not my favorite color but I planned to re-do my nails that night so I grabbed something random. It's actually quite pretty!


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mask(s) of the Week: The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Pollution Mask, Burt's Bee's Lip Mask, FlashPatch Eye Patches, LUKE and Garnier Skinactive Hydrating Moisturizer

Epic multi-mask sesh with some highs and lows!


First, I started with the ahmaaaaayzing The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea anti-pollution mask. This lovely smelling, light green concoction is slightly exfoliating while getting the environmental gunk out of your pores. I love this stuff, but it is a little strong (meaning my skin gets a little red), so I only use it 1x/week, if that.


I then followed up my Matcha mask with a triple spot treatment of eye masks (decent, not sticky, fell off if I moved), nose pore strip (Pro Tip: CUT the sides off so it only goes on your nose and not the delicate skin around it), and brand new Burt's Bee's lip mask.

FYI: The lip mask is AWFUL - and I don't say that about too many BB products. It is a single piece of paper, pretty dry, tossed into the package all by itself. It was wrinkled and drying. FAIL.


After I finished that, I ended with a thick coat of the Garnier Skinactive Hydrating Moisturizer. This is a new-ish 3-in-1 that can be a day cream, night cream, or overnight mask. In other words, it's a cream :) Not bad!

You'll see the BB Lip Mask in Feb fails, for sure, but The Body Shop Matcha is a winner everytime.


March 2019: Empties & Tossed Report

I am continuing to try to use up products that have been laying around, including perfumes. So far, so good. Let me show you what I used in ...