Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mask of the Week: A'Pieu Sweet Peach Sheet Mask

I love anything peach! When I randomly saw these A'Pieu Sweet Peach Sheet Masks for a steal on ebay, I knew I wanted to give them a try.

BTW - purchasing cosmetics in general, nevermind KB that might not have a ton of English on it, can be risky to do on ebay. Join groups on Facebook to find recommended sellers that others have used and trusted, and take the time to read reviews on the sale sites before purchasing. Just sayin'!


Unlike that pumpkin mask that I reviewed a few weeks ago, the scent of this mask was light, fruity, and subtle. In fact, I wish it smelled slightly stronger!


The fit of this mask was nice and snug. It seems like it is made out of a fabric instead of a paper/fiber sheet.


The essence in this mask dissipated quickly, and it dried down faster than I hoped. I like my mask time! When I removed the sheet and rubbed in the excess, my skin remained quite sticky to the touch. I was able to add my other skincare products on easily though, with no pilling of the layers underneath. I did not notice any immediate benefits from this mask, but it was a pleasant experience!


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