Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mani Round Up: February 20, 2018

Wowza, Feb is flying, right?!

Let me show you what I wore last week!


Zoya Lacey over Zoya Blu: In case you didn't know, my first name is Lacey, so when I heard this polish was coming out, I was psyched.

When I saw the color that came out, I was ill. No, seriously. Doesn't like look like a slightly vomitus shade?! I tried Lacey over Blu, hoping it would look slightly better, but no.


Zoya Sweet: Sweet color, right?! Heh. This is your typical pink creme. It's a little watery for a Zoya, to be honest. I have the same colors in better formulas, so this baby might be getting ditched. Two coats here, but needs three. Womp, womp.


Zoya Hera: This is the color I actually wore on 2/14. Pretty right?! This, unlike Sweet, has a smashing formula, opaque in just ONE coat. Perfection!


Zoya Haruko: I love this beauty!! This is from the Thrive collection. Thrive collection, you ask!? You'll see more on Thursday!!!!


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