Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mani Round Up: February 13, 2018

It is the week of love this week, but let me show you what I wore on my hands last week! (I am overtired, I think...no creative intro, haha).


Zoya Erika: Hello, new favorite Zoya. How freakin' pretty is this! It has a pink base but the prettiest bright gold glitter. I own nothing like this!! This is also included in the Bridal Bliss boxed collection. It is by far my favorite from the box and pretty close to being my favorite Zoya ever! Three perfect coats and topcoat.


Zoya Bela: This pretty polish reminds me of Essie Ballet Slippers. It is so dainty and just pretty and (ahem) polished looking. This is from the Bridal Bliss collection I was sent to review. I did three thin coats and topcoat.


Zoya McKenna: Can you guess, my long time readers, what I have to say about this one?! STREAKS. This is just oh so slightly metallic, which means, careful lines and careful painting to avoid brush strokes. Pretty, but worth the hassle? Not sure when you can just get Chantal and have a perfect creme. Just sayin.


Zoya Kelsey: If I had to deviate from the Bridal Bliss collection, I had to at least stick to new-ish Zoya. Kelsey is from the Party Girls collection, it's your typical perfect formula hot pink/fuchsia creme that we all know and love Zoya for creating. Even if it's not the most unique shade, it's flattering nonetheless and the formula is stellar. Two coats and topcoat.


Zoya Blu: How pretty is this! Well, in addition to pretty, it's also amazing. This baby is practically a ONE coat pastel blue creme! GTFO! That's so rare! It's creamy, not chalky, not streaky, just really really good!! Two coats for good measure here.


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