Thursday, February 15, 2018

January 2018: Empties & Tossed Report

Time for the Empties Report!

This year I will also be adding on a photo of anything I need to throw out.  I wanted to use Purge but it can be a trigger word, so I will go with Tossed, LOL. I am definitely on the edge of hoarding with some makeup, and it is time for that to end. If it no longer brings joy, it has to go, right?!

First up, let me show you what I finished up. I am going to continue to work on samples and deluxe samples as they have quicker expiry dates than bigger products, for the most part.



There are 32 items above! I am not going to talk about each, but instead, shown below, I will spotlight a few items that I love and would re-purchase. I will do the same with sample packets, too.


LUSH Cosmetics Ultrabland I've mentioned this enough, right? You know I already had a backup waiting. I can't be without this stuff!

LUSH Cosmetics Mirror Mirror: Since the Kitchen closed, this is now irreplaceable. Sigh. I purchased a Murad Neck Cream and I hope it works, but it won't be the same. This has a nice thick texture, a comforting smell, and sank into the skin nicely. It will be missed!

LUSH Cosmetics Plum Rain Shower Gel: Psyched that this is now in the permanent range! It smells of sweet, ripe plums, and the scent is pungent but not overpowering. Love!

Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate: Sigh - I hate that wrinkles are a concern, but they are! Luckily, working at Ulta with amazing co-workers, I now know the best stuff to try. This is the stuff!

Innisfree Orchid Lotion: I tried samples of this before committing. It is a regular moisturizer that sinks right into the skin. It smells divine - though not like orchids - and is affordable.

SK II Essence: This, on the other hand, is not affordable, LOL.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Facial Primer: I posted about this in my Faves a few times but probably won't repurchase again due to the price. It is pretty high in silicone, too.

Formula 10.0.6 Face Wipes: And, to end the list, this is another product that I never run out of and always have on hand! If you haven't tried these wipes, you must!


This month I also used 26 packets. Apparently, most have a shelf-life of only 6 months, so I am going to continue to use these up as quickly as I can.


Standouts include: WonderPore Toner in a convenient travel pack, IOPE Whitegen Ampoule Essence that I would purchase a full size of if I wasn't broke. That goes double for the Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask. I did enjoy the Moistfull Collagen Essence even though I mistakenly purchased it, and I plan to buy a full size TonyMoly Intense Care Gold Snail Cream when I need a new moisturizer.


I threw out 22 lippies, 2 samples that I couldn't read, an old primer, and an old solid perfume. That makes 26 items tossed. The bottom row of chapsticks are SO old that the company went out of business.

Empties Report January 2018 Total: 32 Empties & 26 Packets!


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