Thursday, February 1, 2018

American Made Creations - Custom Nail Decals and More!

Hello there!

You have seen American Made Creations on the blog before, and today I wanted to share my most recent purchase. AMC is run by my pal, Shanel, and her fiance, and they make such cool things, from nail decals, car sized decals, custom shirts, and on and on! Contact her on Facebook HERE to talk to her about any project you have in mind!

For this order, I worked with Shanel for a decal for a water bottle. I picked the font, font color, and size. I also added a few medium decals for whoknowswhat, and as a nail polish lover, I ordered nail decals, too. If you look closely, Shanel actually sent three sizes of nail decals!




Shanel also added this amazing white duochromey decal! One of the medium sized ones was going to be on my planner but this white one was so cool that it got on instead.


I added a medium one to my mirror. AMC also made the Texas outline on the bottom corner.



Lastly, on to the nails!





Fun stuff, right?  Definitely contact Shanel for all your shirt printing needs, nail decal requests, and any custom project. The American Made Creations Facebook page is HERE.


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