Thursday, January 25, 2018

Universal Standard Tee Rex T-Shirt Review

Hello there!

Today I have a review of something never seen before here on MBHM: A t-shirt!

A t-shirt, you ask? Yep!


On Facebook, I follow a brand new clothing line called Universal Standard. Simply put, this is a clothing line for sizes 10 and up that specializes in basic, quality, beautiful clothing. Furthermore, each piece is a true investment because if you change sizes, US will swap out your clothing!

On a random FB Sponsored Post, I saw an offer for a FREE t-shirt from US in a style called the Tee-Rex (cute, right!?). I figured I would sign up, because, hey, free t-shirt and free shipping always sounds great, right? I also figured I would just NEVER receive the shirt because I have filled out offers like this before and received nothing.

Guess what showed up in the mail barely a week later?!


This was an amazing package! In this little, unassuming, white envelope, there was a tote!


Inside the tote, there was a gorgeously tissue wrapped item. Their wrap job was 529% better, but I got too excited and ripped it open before taking pics. This is my attempt to re-wrap for photos.


The logo tote is awesome and unexpected! It is a simple black tote with the brand name across in bold, white print.


Feel-o-vision needs to be real so you can touch this material!

This crew neck style is called the Tee Rex. It retails for $50! I have never paid that much for a t-shirt, but this is such a high quality piece! You can feel the luxe qualities in the stitching, the neck and banding weave, and the slight stretch to the fabric.


I picked the M, which is their 18-20 size. It's a little big but I love an oversized, basic, black tee. Oh! Did I mention I got to request the color, too? That was huge and made me even more excited to try the brand.


And here is yours truly - makeup free, eeeeeeeekk!! - rocking my Universal Standard Tee Rex t-shirt. I am incredibly impressed by the quality of the item and the attention to details in my package. I will be keeping my eye on this brand!!

Have you heard of this brand or tried their clothes!?


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