Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Top 5 Favorite Items From 2017!

Happy 2018!

Looking back on the past year of MBHM, I realize that I have gone through a ton of products.  Some I have loved and some I have certainly not!

I wanted to do a special post to narrow down my top 5 products that I simply cannot live without after looking through my favorites and fails posts. Let me show you the best of the best!

In no particular order, this year, my 5 favorite beauty items are:
  • LUSH Cosmetics Lemony Flutter Body Conditioner
  • Formula 10.0.6 Face Wipes
  • Rhonda Allison Cucumber Spritz
  • Benefit The Pore-Fessional Pore Minimizing Makeup
  • e.l.f. Kohl Eye Pencil
Now I will tell you a little more about each item!


LUSH Cosmetics Lemony Flutter Body Conditioner: The LUSH Kitchen is closing/reformatting itself/whatever, so I fear I'll never get my hands on this amazing product again. Lemony Flutter scent, the most magically soft lemon scent ever, is usually only available in the Cuticle Cream, which I do not like at all. In 2017, the Kitchen released a Body Lotion and this Body Conditioner in the Lemony Flutter scent. Body Conditioner is wonderful anyway, it's like an in-shower lotion that you use after cleansing and then rinse right before you hop out.

(Pic Credit: - the most amazing LUSH lover website there is!!)
Formula 10.0.6 Take You Face Off Face Wipes: Pretty sure these wipes made an appearance on the blog at least once per month, either as a constant favorite or an empty! These wipes are just above and beyond better, for me, than any others I have tried. The scent is clean and gentle, the wipes themselves remove everything under the sun, and the price point is decent. They are at Ulta with BOGO50% sales often enough to stock up. My only qualm is that in December, they changed the package to what you see above, and I do miss the little plastic closure for security and moistening purposes.


Rhonda Allison Cucumber Spritz: I discovered this in March at the Spa at Essex in Essex, CT. I am now on my 3rd bottle! I use this when my skin is super dehydrated for a quick pick-me-up, but I also use it on my arms and shoulders to cool off in the summer. It smells divine!

Benefit The Pore-Fessional Pore Minimizing Makeup in Shades 2 and 3: In the summer I am a 3 and in the winter I am a 2 - and yes, I have both so I can swap out as (begrudgingly) needed. This is a super thin, almost watery (if you forget to shake it) foundation that covers well and feels so incredibly light on the skin. This was suggested to me at Ulta and I've never looked back. It makes your pores next to invisible, has no scent, and comes with a cute lil' blender sponge attached. The cap also screws on, so it is safe for travel - bonus points, for sure.


e.l.f. Kohl Eye Pencil: I don't feel like myself without my elf Kohl Eyeliner on!! I use this It's cheap, it doesn't smudge, it's cheap, the kohl doesn't bother my eye at all, it's cheap, it comes with it's own smudger and sharpener - and did I mention, it's cheap!?

That is it for my Top 5 Favorite Items from 2017. Do you love or hate anything I've mentioned? What are some of your faves from this year?


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