Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mask of the Week: The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

One of my blogging goals in 2018 is to bring back the Mask of the Week post. I have been faithfully masking throughout 2017 and my skin looks so swell that I plan to continue. Might as well blog about them, too!


One brand that I began to explore in late 2017 is The Body Shop. I remember loving the products back in the day, LOL, but now it deserves a new look with fresh, older, wiser, more skincare concious eyes. I am loving quite a few of the Vitamin E products they offer, so I picked up this British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask out of curiosity when it was on sale (seriously, watch Ulta, they have 40% off on this brand pretty often).


It comes housed in a hefty jar. It feels sturdy and luxe and looks great on my vanity.


By fresh, they mean slimy! Fresh Cosmetics, I'm looking at you!


The directions say to slather some on clean skin, wait 5-10 mins and rinse. I do a full skincare routine, so I did a first (oil) and second (cream) cleanse before applying this. I used just my fingers as it was a little too loose in texture for the elf spatula tool.

The smell is divine, of course, but you must love roses. It is not a sweet rose scent but instead mixed with a herbal, clean scent. It just smells fresh, as the name suggests.

As it dries down, it does not tighten the skin and it does not harden much. You can just feel it sitting on the skin. Once you rinse with warm water, the skin is extremely soft to the touch and texture more even. The small, persistent, dry spot near my nose was completely healed up! I finished with my normal routine and woke up with very soft skin that had absorbed my other products very well.

I would definitely recommend this! Can't wait to use it again.


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