Thursday, January 18, 2018

Eye Brow Shaping Guide: Wish.Com Shopping Warning

If you're anywhere on the internet, you have seen advertisements for or the Wish App, which is filled with millions of cheap items. You can search for anything from high top sneakers to drug related items...yeah...

So, one sleepless night, I was perusing the Wish App, which I have since deleted. You can see where we are going here, right? I have an endless hate/hate relationship with my eyebrows, so I searched for eyebrow related products and purchased the Eyebrow Shaping Guide for a grand total of $2, including shipping.


Approximately a month later, it arrived.


Seems simple enough, according to the odd clown face on the package. Line it up with your nose as a guide, color in the lines. Done.


So, I lined it up...


This thing has some issues!

The first issue I discovered is that while the brow stencil looks like it has a decent arch, but it doesn't. It's pretty straight and has quite the mean mug look about it.

Second, the openings are not wide enough for even the tip of my retractable IT Cosmetics Universal Taupe Brow Pencil with the tip extended out. A regular pencil that you need to sharpen would never fit in here.

That leads me to issue 3, which is the fact that you need a third or even fourth hand to use this! One hand to hold the handle on your nose, one to color in the stencil, one to help to bend and move the stencil as you get to the tail of the brow, and in my case, a fourth hand to hold my hand-held compact mirror.

Honestly, the results were SO bad that I refuse to post a photo. Needless to say, the Wish App has been deleted and this odd plastic item has been tossed! Consider that a $2 lesson learned.

Have you made any fun and/or odd purchases off Wish? Do tell!


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  1. Lol... well it was worth a shot anyway! Glad you only lost two dollars in the process. Those are some angry looking brows on that thing!


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