Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December 2017: Empties Report (234 Empties in 2017)

Welcome to the last Empties Report of 2017! I have kept track of all sample packets and products that I have used over the past year. There are plenty of items that I will re-purchase and plenty that I won't, thanks to this series.

Let me show you what I used up in December:


There are 24 items above, so I am not going to get into each one. Let me show you a close up of the items that I liked best.


From LUSH Cosmetics, I discovered Buck's Fizz, the Bubbly Shower Gel scented Body Conditioner. It smells like citrus, with bright orange notes, and is orange in coloring! I have already purchased a full size of Clinique Smart Serum, which melts into the skin. Drybar Prep Rally is a before thermal spray and conditioner that detangles my hair with ease. I will continue to repurchase the Suave Almond and Shea Butter Moisture Mask. Orly's Nail Lacquer Thinner is a must-have for every polish lover. Formula 10.0.6 wipes are forever my go-to wipes. NYC BB Creme has been discontinued so that's that, but I enjoyed it while I could get it!


I also used up 22 sample packets. IOPE Whitegen Essence is probably my new discovery of the bunch. It is pretty expensive (and I love my Boscia Sake Hydrating Essence) so I ordered a few more samples to make sure I want this product as my next purchase. The Matrix Brass Off samples were nice to try considering I purchased full size bottles due to recommendations from my co-workers. I accidentally ordered that Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence thinking it was just a regular moisturizer, but I'll use it up anyway.

Monthly Totals: 24 Empties and 22 Sample Packets

Yearly Totals: 234 Empties and 118 Sample Packets

There you have it!


Bonus pic! I am going to purge my stash over the next year. I give away everything that is fit to share, but some times there are items that just need to get thrown away, for various reasons. Here is what I am going to throw out:


The polishes were dried out or discolored, in the case of the Nabi Holo. The LUSH Cosmetics samples needed to go since I haven't used them. Dark Angels isn't a product I like anyway, so that is getting thrown out. The two mirrors are also getting thrown out because they have been covered in makeup and spray and stuff that just won't get cleaned off. The Essence All About Matt! is broken beyond use and needs to go as well. Feels good to discard items I won't use (and can't donate or give away)!

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