Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mani Round Up: December 19, 2017

Last Tuesday post before Christmas!  I will be skipping the Mani Round Up on Dec. 26 as I will be standing in line at LUSH for the Boxing Day Sale!

Before we get to that, however, we have one last nubbin Mani Round Up here!


China Glaze The Giver Collection Friends Forever, Right?: I was in the mood for a crisp, clean mani. What is better than the lightest shade of pink ever? You may think this would end up chalky since it's such a light pastel, but it's actually really creamy. Two coats and topcoat here.


Lex Cosmetics Tulleries over China Glaze The Giver Collection Friends Forever, Right?: Well, these don't match! For some reason, Tulleries tinted the base yellowy! See that?! Is it just me?! Two coats of Tulleries and sealed with topcoat. #Fail.


Zoya Princess: Ooh, new Zoya, you say? Why, yes! This is one of the 3 new pastel jellies from the Kisses collection. I swatched them on the same day that they arrived and decided to wear this one. This is actually just two coats and topcoat. It is much more opaque than the other two, but you'll see the whole collection later this week. More details later, but, simply stated: love 'em!


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