Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mani Round Up: December 12, 2017

Middle of December - say what!! I have been doing the Mani Round Up weekly for a year now, can you believe that?

Last week I was low on inspiration, so I asked my Mom (roommate, LOL) for an idea. She said that with the Long Night's Moon overhead, I should do dark, celestial type colors. That is not my normal choice of polish at all, so I accepted that as a challenge and here we are!


Literary Lacquers Cast from Stormhold: I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of Literary Lacquers this week! No one does dark-and-sparkly better than Amy! This is three coats of CfS and topcoat.  I love how this is a wonderful, shimmery twist on a semi-ordinary mulberry color.


Zoya Aurora: I wish Zoya would come out with a polish like this in every single color! The formula is flawless and the holo is rockin' - even in my not-so-lovely office light. This is two coats and topcoat. 


Zoya Rory: Well, as I was doing my nails this color, my Mom asked where her theme went?! Apparently, my interpretation of celestial - metallic, glowing, sparkly - was not the same as hers - dark, moody, oxblood and navy colors. Oh well - there's always next week! Rory is so gorgeous, just two coats and topcoat.


China Glaze Well Trained: I was just waiting for my middle finger nail to break. It always goes first. Does anyone else have that one nail that just never grows past a certain point?! Anyway, I bought a new sweatshirt in this exact shade of teal and you know I love to be matchy-matchy, so this is the color I picked. Looks decent on the nubbins, don't you think!?


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