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October 2017 Favorites And Fails!

Hello there!

Time for Favorites and Fails. As usual, let's start with the good stuff.



I have been trying not to purchase new beauty products (but, uh, I just got a seasonal job at Ulta. Oops.) so I am going to highlight my go-to items as of late.

Suave Almond and Shea Butter Mask: Hello, holy grail cheapie! At under $4, this awesome tub of hair mask smells amazing and makes my hair ridiculously soft. I actually use it as a daily conditioner because my hair is usually pretty thirsty.

Innisfree Orchid Lotion: I purchased 4 of these little bottles as a sample from RoseRoseShop and was instantly hooked. As with all of my favorite items, it smells great and absorbs so well. It is lightweight but deeply moisturizing. I cannot purchase another moisturizer until I NEED one (in about 6 bottles and 10 samples from now) but this is the item I will re-purchase.

Super Salve Cocoa Mango Skin Oil: I purchased this indie beauty product from a shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It smells like h-e-a-v-e-n. It is an oily oil - a little runnier than I prefer, but the smell reminds me of my wonderful vacation this past June. I use this all over right after a shower.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power brow pencil: I received this as a GWP probably two pencils ago. It is a smidge too light for me, but it is the most easily workable pencil I have ever used. It gives you a moment to erase and correct if needed, but once it is on, it stays quite well.




Well, well, let me clarify. These are not fails, these are purges!! My LUSH stuff is all past its expiration date or just doesn't work for me (sigh - morgina, I mean you). I washed out the big pots and I will bring them back to LUSH to redeem for Fresh Face Masks over time. I recycled the littles and will keep a few for traveling.

In the second photo, I am tossing a Mentality Polish because MENTALITYPOLISHOMGTHATWASANIGHTMAREGOOGLEITIFYOUHAVEPLENTYOFTIMEONYOURHANDS and a Cupcake Polish that is gorgeous but someone (ahem) didn't tighten the cap and it dried. The Celebrate and Celestial samples are old but I'll reuse those containers. The little bottles, well, honestly, I can't read them and they've been sitting around for too long, so, they are going, too.

That's it for this month! Do you have any new favorites?



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