Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mani Round Up: November 28, 2017

Post Turkey Day Tuesday! Let me show you what I wore on my nails recently. If it's a little lame, it's because I was super duper sick for the week leading up to TDay.


Barielle Hint of Tint in Hint of Apricot: Barielle sent me a few of their Hint of Tint treatment polishes and I am in love!! The apricot shade is perfect for my skin tone. This is two coats on a bare nail and topcoat to seal.


Barielle Hint of Tint in Hint of Tan: Hint of Tan was also sent to me and it is not right for me skin tone at all. It totally gives me yellowy lobster hands - is that even possible? It was a quality formula as well with two coats and topcoat.


L'Oreal Masked Affair & Cover Girl City Lights: These were my Thanksgiving nails! I wanted blingy without glittery pieces, so I just layered one coat of MA, one coat CL, one coat MA, one coat CL, and topcoat. I will post more photos, and maybe even a step by step series so you can see the bling building, but I really loved how these turned out.


MUD Milk Shake and Glisten&Glow Ridge Filling Basecoat: I was clearly in the mood for muted, neutral polishes last week, with the exception of Thanksgiving. I started with two coats of MUD Milk Shake, an Australian mainstream brand (thank you to my longlost friend, Leeanne, for this - miss you!). I added one coat of Glisten&Glow Ridge Filling basecoat on TOP, which gave this a milky and softer finish. I finished with a coat of Glisten&Glow topcoat and viola!


butterLONDON Fruit Machine: I recently rediscovered my butterLONDON polishes, which were stuck at the back of my Australian polish melmer drawer. This formula was butter - literally! This is two perfect coats and G&G topcoat.

Hoping for a more colorful week next week!


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