Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Daily Skincare Regimen

I've been getting into skincare hardcore over the past few months. I think it was the looming birthday that just passed in August that kick-started my newest obsession. My preferred method is the 10-step Korean skincare regimen. I don't use all ten steps every night, and I mix and match products, but in general, here is what I do:

A. Makeup remover wipes (doesn't really count as a step, so no number, but that's what I start with every time!)

  1. Oil cleanse (I am pretty partial to my LUSH Ultrabland here)
  2. Foam cleanse
  3. Toner (Murad spray or Tony Moly, usually)
    1. Sometimes I use my Pore Tightening serum before toner
  4. Essence (SK II or Boscia, usually)
  5. Emulsion (Skin Food Peach Sake smells amaaazing)
  6. Serum (First Aid Beauty or trying to use up samples)
  7. Eye cream (usually whatever samples I have on hand)
  8. Sheet mask (usually 3 days/week)
  9. Moisturizer(s)
    1. Clinique Supercharge Concentrate first
    2. Neck cream (LUSH or Strivectin)
    3. Regular face moisturizer (I am liking TonyMoly's Seaweed lotion right now)
  10. Overnight Mask (I am in the market for a new one!)
Here are a few examples of my daily regimens: 









There you have it! I am by no means a skincare expert, but if you have any questions, especially about my routine, please let me know.


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