Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mani Round Up: October 3, 2017

Let me show you what I wore on my nails last week!



China Glaze At Vase Value: For a pastel color, this formula is top notch. I did two coats of AVV and then applied star stickers since I was going apple picking with my girlfriends and their kiddos.


Zoya Cathy and Nailtini Spritzer: Proper for a Monday back to work, I put two coats of Cathy and two coats of Spritzer over my nails. I wish Spritzer wasn't as sheer but it is what it is!


Zoya Kitridge: Darn it, Zoya!  I swear I don't intentionally favor my vast Zoya collection, but the formula is just so dependable and flawless that I keep picking them up. Kitridge is a gorgeous bubblegum pink that really needed a 3rd coat, but here is 2, with topcoat.


Zoya Aster: I love this polish! I guess it isn't very fall like, but it has been in the high 80's in Connecticut, so it matches the temp quite well. This is two coats and topcoat. Should've added a third but apparently I am anti 3rd coat lately. It's still purdy!


China Glaze Sunday Funday: I never wear blue nail polish, LOL. Why did I pick this? I'm not sure, but I am glad I did! This is just two coats. I am sure I won't be thrilled when I get blue all over my cuticles when I remove it, but pretty for now.

That's it for this week! I need to stop grabbing my Zoya and China Glaze! How about a NO mainstream week next week!?


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