Thursday, September 21, 2017

Zoya Lipstick Review - 3 New Hydrating Creme Colors

In addition to the new Wanderlust collection, Zoya has released 3 new hydrating creme lipsticks! With all of the liquid lippies, mattes, and metallics on the market, Zoya decided it is time to get back to basics!

Info: "Back to basics but even better; Zoya perfects the classic lipstick cream formula to allow lips to stay moist for hours without the mess. The medium wear formula is specifically designed to last 4 to 6 hours without cracking or drying. All this in a light weight yet well pigmented unflavored formula that you're going to love. Trust us!"

Let's take a look!


Quick FYI: The boxes do not, not, NOT match the bullets! You're ordering online, so trust swatches more than the boxes, which you don't see until they arrive, but still.

The new shades are, from L to R, Kay, Kirby, Kitty:


Kay: "Kay by Zoya is a creamy sheer red."


Kitty: "Kitty by Zoya is a neutral shimmering pink in a hydrating cream formula."


Kirby: "Kirby by Zoya is a bright sheer watermelon pink in a hydrating cream formula."


Top to Bottom, Kay, Kirby, Kitty: 


Hmm.. well. These are just preliminary swatches, after all.

They are beyond sheer, almost a balm like consistency. I tried Kay at work (no pics, sorry!) and it disappeared off my lips in felt like it sunk in, again like a balm. It was soft on the lips, almost gel-like, and kept a balm like shiney finish.

Bottom line, in my opinion, if you like the loud, matte, vibrant lipsticks, you won't like these. If you like soft, gel-like, semi-shiny lipstick that feels very light on the lips and are hydrating instead of a BAM impact on the mouth, I suggest trying these! Good for summer!


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