Thursday, September 28, 2017

Zoya Fall 2017 Lipstick Review - 7 New Colors!

Just last Thursday, I shared summer lipsticks from Zoya...and realized what I slacker I had been! I received these Fall lippies just about a week ago, so I wanted to post them ASAP!

Here are the 7 hydrating creme lipsticks that I received. Although it seems helpful to have color-coded stickers on the top, the stickers hardly match the bullet color. Why bother to print anything besides the name if the colors are so off? Shrug.


The Zoya lipstick case is a sleek black with Zoya on it.


Here are all 7 swatched on my arm in alpha order, same as the boxes above. The colors, from top to bottom, are:

  • Addie
  • Bristol
  • Izzy
  • Layne
  • Lucky
  • Maggie
  • Tommy


Close ups! This is Addie, Bristol, and Izzy:


Here are Izzy, Layne, Lucky, Maggie, and Tommy:


There is no reason for me to keep 7 lippies and not share with family and friends, so I picked 4 to keep that I think I will actually reach for. Addie is creamier than Layne, but they do look quite similar on my lips. Izzy is an almost metallicy red, so I may end up passing her along, too. Tommy is NOT my normal, at all, but I have secretly wanted an outrageous color lippie but never wanted to actually purchase it. Thank you, Zoya!


Are you picking up any of these lippies? What do you think of Zoya's Hydrating Creme formula?


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