Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mani Round Up: September 5, 2017

I guess I shouldn't be shocked that we are in the first week of September when I was already shocked that last week was the last week of August, but here we are again!

You may notice something slightly different this week - my nubbins! When one breaks, for me, they all have to go. So, they went. Oh well, they do grow!!


Pacifica Crystal Orchid: I was sent this to try from Pacifica last year, and I remember not liking it and stashing it at the back of my pink drawer in my melmer. Yep, there's a pink drawer - an overflowing pink drawer at that. Anyway, I am not sure what changed except my opinion on this polish! Two perfect coats and topcoat for this look. This polish is getting moved to the front of the drawer.


China Glaze Budding Romance: Let's define UGLY PRETTY, shall we?! This. Three coats of this and topcoat. What do you think of this color?!


Zoya Tiana: Is there a prettier sea foam green polish than Zoya Tiana?? If so, I haven't met it yet. This is just two coats, which as quite impressive for a pastel. I added topcoat for extra glossiness. I love colors that make me look tan. This was also the color of my bedroom in middle school, so I do adore this polish!


Orly Prelude to a Kiss:  Here is a friendly warning to not attempt a mani in semi darkness. It is getting dark outside much earlier than a month ago, isn't it? I am not ready for fall. This sloppy mani was two coats and topcoat.


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