Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mani Round Up: September 26, 2017

Last Tuesday in September! Crazy! I have some gorgeous polishes from last week to show you, so let's jump right in.


OPI DS Extravagance: Sigh. Angels sang when I put this color on my nails. This is three thin coats to build up the depth and sparkle. Love!


Julie G Birthday Suit: I love the peachy pink tone to this neutral polish. It is the perfect french manicure color...


Julie B Birthday Suit & Wet & Wild Blank Canvas: I keep reading that french manicures are out...lemme tell ya what I think about that...


That's what I think about that! I love me a good french!


SuperChic Lacquer Fuchsure Drive Me Insane: I was in the mood for this polish! Out of all 52,428 (slight exaggeration) polishes that I own, I went melmer hunting just for this one. I love the icy blue shimmer mixed with the rich purple base. This is two coats and holo bows because I realized I was OUT of black bows (gasp!).


Rescue Beauty Lounge Sunny Skies: Can we pour out a lil' sip of somethin' for the departed RBL brand?! Such a good polish line, great colors, wonderful formula. This is my one and only RBL that was gifted by my pal Vienna and I love it! This is just two coats and G&G topcoat.


SinfulColors Black on Black: I needed a quality, opaque, single coat needed base coat for a more fun polish. This is your basic black creme, it is perfectly fine, so if you need a budget black creme just to HAVE it, this is a good one to pick up at your local drugstore.


Sinful Colors Black on Black and Ludurana Aurora Boreal: I totally forgot about this gorgeous polish! It was hiding in the back of my melmer, which I was cleaning out and de-stashing so I could bring polishes to my besties' kiddos (thank you for having 3 girls amongst you!). AB is staying with me, at least for a little longer. And yes, I promise, this whole grid of photos is the same polish in different lights!!

I started with a quick coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black, two coats of AB. It is a metallic and yes, there are serious polish stroke lines but who cares when the polish is this pretty?


Sinful Colors Black on Black and Ludurana Aurora Boreal and OPI Spotted: Well, adding the Spotted wasn't a good idea now, was it? It covered up the chromey color changing special-ness of the Ludurana. Ah well, that is the fun of polish - I am just going to change it in 24 hours.

That is it for this week! I consider this a successful week of polishes, with a couple of indies, a sprinkle of nail art, and not only using my Zoya cremes. Can you tell I am super single at the moment and have a lot more ME time!? Womp, womp.


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