Thursday, August 24, 2017

Zoya Sophisticates

The Zoya Sophisticates collection is here! There are two "pearl" shades, two "metallic" shades, and 8 creme shades. Let me show you each one! I am going to lift the description from the site, LOL. #lazyblogger

But first, group shot:


Zoya McKenna: "refined pearl in a soft almond" is the description of this polish. It does have a "pearl" like finish to it, but it is very subtle. Watch those brush strokes though, they can show if you're not careful.


Zoya Tabitha: this is the other "pearl" polish but in a hunter green. I actually liked this shade more than I thought I would! The pearl finish makes it quite unique...but, oh boy, those brush strokes! Two coats shown here.


Zoya Gal: No doubt, this baby is named after Gal Gadot, aka Wonderwoman! I wish they had given her a more powerful color, because this one is lame-o. Zoya describes this as a "smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic." Ugly, LOL. My camera didn't like it and neither do I! It might look pretty cool over black, though. This is three thin coats.


Zoya Beth: Pretty color with a tricky finish! Beth is a "soft, sandy, champagne metallic" that is opaque in two coats but ohmygoodnessbrushstrokesaretakingovermylife!


Alright! Onto the creme polishes!! I get that Zoya needs to branch out in other finishes to keep competing in the market, but creme polishes, in my opinion, are where Zoya shines the brightest!!

Zoya Mona: We all know Zoya gets matchy matchy with collections, so there are two reds, two pinks, two purples, and two darker cremes. The reds are Mona and Yvonne. Mona is described as a "plum" red, and I think that is true with the richness of this color. One coat!


Zoya Yvonne: described as a "bordeaux" red creme, this is one of my favorites! Are you surprised!? I am! I love this color so much that I wore it to work after swatching, so you'll see this in a weekly Round Up post, too. One coat!


Zoya Padma: Onto the pinks! Padma is a "vermillion, red creme" but I see zero red. This baby is a bright and happy fuchsia! The formula is beyond perfect - one coat!


Zoya Hera: While Zoya calls this a "red mauve" I call it a dusty rose - the most perfect dusty rose shade EVER. I am sure this isnt the most unique polish ever, but I adore it. Two coats. PS: What the hell is a "red mauve"?


Zoya Joni: Purple time! Joni is so pretty, a "deep, dusty plum" creme that will look good on anyone. This is ONE coat! Perfect.


Zoya Presley: Also super pretty, Presley is "smokey, mauve taupe" creme polish with a faded finish. This is two coats. Can we talk about the name? When I think of Presley, I think of Elvis, and I either think of blue suede shoes, or his bright ensembles and costumes. This color? Not so much.


Zoya Hadley: This "smokey, midnight blue" creme is almost like a blackened teal to me. The green tones were apparent with my skin, but I actually really liked the color. Even better? One coater! Even better than that? I am passing this on to a childhood friend because her daughter has the same name. As a Lacey born in the 80's, there were no fun toys or touristy things that ever said my name, so I am more than happy to help out a girl in the same situation in 2017.


Zoya Elaine: Last but not least, Elaine is an "umber brown" creme polish that was delightfully opaque in one coat. This is such a lush, warm color! Perfect for fall temps.


There you have it! The Sophisticates are available now on My favorites are, surprisingly, Yvonne, and, not surprisingly Hera. Which will you be picking up?



  1. Tabitha and Gal! They would look amazing together.

  2. I think Gal is beautiful. Tabitha is my favorite, though.


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