Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mani Round Up: August 29, 2017

Wow! It is the last Tuesday in August already. Do the months fly by the older you get? It really seems like it.

Let me show you what I wore on my nails last week.


Zoya Yvonne: Told you I love this one! After my Zoya swatch session, I decided to wear one for, you know, a day or so. I picked Yvonne, which is out of my usual wheelhouse, but I love it. This beauty is opaque in one coat, dry time is immediate, and the color is phenomenal. Win! 


J Nail Lacquer Rose Purple: I had not touched this polish in years, as evidenced by the gallon or so of thinner that I had to add to it! After making it usable, it was much better. This is two coats and topcoat.


Illamasqua Purity: You've seen it, you know I love it! Illamasqua Purity is my jam!


Glam Polish Tiny Dancer over Illamasqua Purity: Flakkies are perfect when you want a subtle and easy to removal sparkle to your nails! Tiny Dancer is fine by itself in 3 coats, but just one coat of Purity was perfect for that extra little somethinsomethin.


Party nails!! Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and SinfulColors Black on Black: My awesome Grandmother (Gogo, for those who know her) turns 80 on August 30th! We went out for dinner over the last weekend, so I felt I needed some epic celebration nails, including cameos, which Gogo loves. She def liked my nails!


China Glaze What's She Dune? I needed a palette cleanser after that party on my nails, so I went with What's She Dune? by China Glaze. Perfect in two coats and lovely with my skin tone.


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